Vance Aloupis Crosses $ 200,000 To Defend HD 115 Seat With Gains From Charter Schools And Business Groups

representing Vance Aloupis raised more than $ 33,000 last month to defend its seat representing House District 115. More than half of its earnings came from charter schools, business and legal groups, lobbying and government affairs.

With that loot, the Miami Republican now holds nearly $ 207,000 between his campaign account and political commission, The good future for Florida. And it is still unopposed.

Aloupis has received several individual donations, some as low as $ 25. He received $ 1,000 each from the Managing Partner of The Southern Group Nelson diaz, president of Sunshine Gasoline Max Allvarez, and Marshall Field, a retail executive and investor who previously ran the Chicago Sun-Times.

Her biggest donation in December was a check for $ 8,000 from Development of the red call, a charter school developer headquartered in Fort Lauderdale that is a sister company of Charter Schools United States, one of the largest charter school operators in the country.

Aloupis’ second contribution, $ 5,000, came from Florida Worker Advocates, an organization of civil justice lawyers representing injured workers in Florida.

The Miami Chapter of the International Longshoremen’s Association donated $ 1,000. Florida related industries, a Tallahassee-based free enterprise organization, donated $ 500.

Lobbyist Ron’s Book contributed $ 2,500. Tallahassee-based government affairs firm also Johnson & Blanton.

Other notable contributions included $ 1,000 each from the Humana health insurance company, HCA Health, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, NBCUniversal Media, the Entertainment software association, PAC real estate agents and the Florida Lobbying Branch The Company of Doctors, which describes itself as “the country’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer”.

Aloupis spent over $ 14,000 in December. About half went to consulting companies.

He donated $ 4,600 to the Tampa-based Capital Campaign Group whose founder, Samantha blair, is a former NFL cheerleader who worked as the Attorney General’s CFO Ashley Moody’s countryside.

He donated an additional $ 2,500 to Cutler Bay-based Miranda Advocacy.

Aloupis also donated nearly $ 4,000 to the Miami-based CPA firm Puerto Renfrow for accounting services and over $ 1,600 in Fort Lauderdale Dual-take marketing for “digital and web hosting”.

Under “other distributions,” Aloupis listed a purchase of $ 1,000 from the Sanford-based company FQ Cigars.

A lawyer by training, Aloupis is the CEO of The Florida Children’s Movement, a Miami-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting improved early learning opportunities.

He joined the organization in 2010 after working at a South Dade juvenile detention center, where he determined that the best way to ensure a child’s future success was to invest as much as possible in their development. educative.

Aloupis visited Tallahassee several times over the following years, trying to convince lawmakers to pay more attention to early learning programs and initiatives. Dissatisfied with the answers he got, he ran for office.

“Conversations around education reform were always about choice of school or higher education – all important questions, but my mind kept coming back to the fact that 40% of children entering kindergarten were considered, in quotes, “do not read”. And if we were genuinely interested in trying to tackle reading fluency, high school graduation, etc., it was in our interest as a state to create a system of early classroom learning. global, ”he told Florida Politics. “After six or seven years of going to Tallahassee and feeling like there was no one who was really ready to make this issue a priority, I decided to run for office and say that this would be the problem i would do my best. to defend.

In November 2018, Aloupis won the HD 115 seat with only 579 votes to succeed the Republican representative. Michel Bileca. Two years later, he significantly improved his margin of victory, winning the seat by 15 percentage points.

The 38-year-old now chairs the Early Learning and Elementary Education subcommittee and sits on the Education and Employment committee, K-12 credit subcommittee and the Children, Families and Seniors Subcommittee, among others.

HD 115 is Republican, having remained in GOP hands for nearly a decade, and currently includes parts of the cities of Doral, Miami, South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and some of the unincorporated areas of Miami County. -Dade, including Kendall, Fontainebleau, Glenvar Heights and Westchester.

The house is considering electoral redistribution plans which would keep Aloupis in HD 115. The district will shrink slightly at its northern end while expanding in its south-eastern part.

Candidates faced a Monday deadline to report all campaign fundraising activity through December 31.

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