Utah Congressmen Defend Mike Lee Against Evan McMullin | Opinion

Some elections matter more than others. The ongoing Senate race in Utah matters a lot.

Of course, that’s a predictable sentiment from a group of Utah congressmen. But this is not just a time of unprecedented disinformation, misinformation and political tension. It’s also a time when a single vote in the US Senate can change the very direction of our nation.

This is why we think it is necessary to make some clarifications regarding the legislative record of our colleague, Senator Mike Lee, and the political agenda of his opponent, Evan McMullin.

Simply put, Lee is not the man, lawmaker or politician McMullin would like him to be.

McMullin pledged to call Lee an “extremist” who legislates on the fringe and sympathizes with Vladimir Putin. In fact, McMullin has made these blatant misrepresentations the cornerstone of his campaign.

But such hyperbole will not save his campaign; Utahns will see that McMullin’s bashing doesn’t match reality.

The irony is clear and undeniable – McMullin promises to “bridge the partisan divide” but in the same breath hurls insults and hurls outlandish accusations.

Lee, on the other hand, continues to operate as a serious legislator who fights for the values ​​of our great state: free enterprise, equal opportunity, no big government, and the protection of constitutional rights.

This certainly does not read as the doctrine of an “extremist”.

As for McMullin’s tired, empty claims that our friend in the Senate is a “partisan” extremist, Lee’s bipartisan legislative record speaks for itself.

Lee is working tirelessly to find common ground with our colleagues across the way, whether through his FORMULA Act, the expanded child tax credit of 2017, the biggest criminal justice reform for decades or reforms limiting federal surveillance of American citizens, to name a few. .

McMullin’s attacks on Lee’s commitment to Utah are perhaps the most insulting. We can all testify – having seen it firsthand countless times – to Lee’s enthusiasm when meeting local leaders and learning about local issues. He is a champion of protecting Utahns’ constitutional rights, and we are fortunate to have his voice and expertise on this very important issue.

These realities do not match the partisan, divisive extremist McMullin coined as his political opponent. Lee is a proactive and thoughtful legislator who is eager to negotiate and resolve our country’s many pressing challenges.

And it is precisely for this reason that we consider it necessary to write. McMullin’s agitated rhetoric is a distraction from an overriding reality: he is supported and funded by the Democratic Party; he would keep the Democrats in Congress in power; and he would promote and extend President Joe Biden’s agenda.

McMullin’s party – the Democrats in Washington – has governed under one-party rule for nearly two years. Under this majority rule, they have pushed the most radical national agenda in decades with the narrowest majorities in Congress.

This program includes the largest tax increase in more than 50 years; a spending spree unprecedented in our nation’s history and subsequently historic inflation rates; the Green New Deal disguised as “infrastructure”; a Supreme Court wrapper; the dismantling of American energy security; the defunding of the police; and the teachings of critical theory of race and gender identity to the children of our nation.

This is McMullin’s party, and it certainly reads like the doctrine of a party operating at its extreme.

We do not believe this is a program supported by the majority of Utahans. And we know that’s the kind of radical agenda that Lee pledges to fight, not support.

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