The Lion King, Aladdin returns with free date changes / cancellations

Although the pandemic has caused Broadway to go dark, you may soon be able to return to theaters. And two Disney shows will resume with additional incentives for you to reserve your tickets.

“After 18 months of separation, we are delighted to welcome our audience back to the table and are proud to present these unique benefits to make purchasing Broadway tickets risk-free, flexible and affordable,” said Thomas Schumacher, President and Producer of Disney Theatrical Productions.

So when the fans book tickets to see The Lion King or Aladdin, things will be a little different from before. Guests will have the option of exchanging their tickets for another day – or even canceling them – at no additional cost, until the day of the performance. Additionally, Disney itself will pay 100% of the Ticketmaster service and ordering fee (a huge annoyance for anyone who has used Ticketmaster before).

This marks a major change in the Broadway ticketing system. Traditionally, theatergoers had two approaches to collecting tickets: pre-purchase (which doesn’t give flexibility if your plans change) or last-minute options like the TKTS booth or show lotteries (often cheaper, but don’t allow you to plan ahead). Disney’s new plan offers a unique combination of planning and flexibility. For now, Disney will cover Ticketmaster’s costs and allow free flexible changes / cancellations for shows until August 7, 2022.

But wait, there is more! Disney will also be launching Double the Magic, a two-show package. So you can take tickets for both The Lion King and Aladdin for as little as $ 149 in total. This offer is meant to kick off Broadway’s comeback, so if you’re looking to book a ticket package, do so soon! Double the Magic only runs until July 1, 2021.

The Lion King returns to the Minskoff Theater on Broadway on September 14. Aladdin resumes performances at the New Amsterdam Theater on September 28. You can buy tickets now and find out more about

So, are you going to jump at the chance to sit down in a Broadway theater again? Let us know in the comments which show you want to see first!

Source: Disney on broadway

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