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Young swimmers and karate students from Plant City went to the AAU Junior Olympics in July. They presented their medals to the municipal commission on August 22.

Recognitions and prizes awarded at the meeting of the Plant City Commission

It was a unique Plant City commission, as many town halls were packed for celebrations and awards presentations, before beginning a typical program on Monday.

Tribute to George K. Collins

The family of former Mayor and City Commissioner George K. Collins was on hand to accept a proclamation honoring him after his passing on May 15. Collins was born September 21, 1943, in Fort Worth, Texas, and moved to Plant City in 1979. He served as city commissioner from 1988 to 1994 and mayor from 1993 to 1994.

He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Plant City, serving as a music and youth pastor.

While his two sons were involved in Plant City High School athletics, Collins served as president of the PCHS Booster Club, which promotes athletes and athletic programs.

“During his lifetime, George K. Collins exemplified the highest standards of citizenship in our community,” said Plant City Mayor Nate Kilton.

Frying Entertainment

The Town of Plant City uses Fry Entertainment to help with their media content.

The city board approved a new contract with the company for $100,000 for the first year and a 5% increase for up to four renewals. Additionally, the city will pay an additional $12,000 for targeting and audience engagement campaigns.

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Letter of Support

This grant is the primary source of law enforcement support.

“Plant City has benefited from this grant for many years until this year,” said Bill McDaniel, Plant City City Manager. “We have a small amount… of equipment purchases designed within our police department.”

The city commission approved a letter authorizing the allocation of $272,150 of city grant funds to the sheriff’s office.

The county agency plans to use the funds for a program that uses technology to collect data on crimes committed in various jurisdictions and look for trends that may solve or prevent crimes.

“This is seen as a way to increase productivity through efficient workflow, provide real-time situational awareness, and support collaboration among various…investigators.”

Annual room update

Christine Miller, president of the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce, appeared before the city commission to provide a summary of how the organization has operated over the past year.

Miller is committed to receiving the proper education to better lead the local chamber. He is just three courses short of completing his master’s degree in public administration at Florida State University. Miller has her Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate from the University of South Florida and has completed the Florida Chamber’s Certificate Program in Community Leadership.

She mentioned its trustees and their continued financial support as well as its close-knit staff who work in the office.

“Lydia, Jerilyn and Kendelle work magic to keep our organization running smoothly,” Miller said. She has made offers to others to join the team: one has already been hired and another will be in September. The chamber is known for hosting interns to help out in the office and at various events, while helping to mentor them and create future leaders.

“The Plant City Chamber leads, advocates, supports and supplies businesses in the region,” she said. “We advocate on behalf of the community at the local, state, and federal levels, and ensure that free enterprise can easily exist.”

Being made up of many companies, the chamber’s events are well attended, with its favorite coming soon – the Plant City Leadership program. It has several information centers in the county with which it has established a successful partnership, alongside Visit Tampa Bay.

The latest guide map and membership directory are now in-house, which has created cost savings and an additional source of revenue.

Miller has been an advocate for economic prosperity after speaking to the Tallahassee legislature.

The House recently continued to maintain community engagement with the Capitol Coffee event as well as a forum for candidates for office to speak with voters one-on-one.

Over the past year, the chamber gained 89 members, maintained an above-average retention rate, and held 27 ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Recreational teams for children

Medal-winning swimmers and karate students were also present at the meeting to be recognized by the municipal commission.

Several young athletes from Plant City traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina in late July for the 2022 AAU Junior Olympics. Junior Olympics represent the largest multi-sport event in the United States.

From Plant City, seven swimmers and six karate competitors attended.

In swimming, local competitors were Noah Jones, Saige Starford, Sophie Griffis, Zealand Ploch, Andrew Beck, Carolina Mattison and Elise Mattison.

For karate, individually, Nathan Gould, 16, won silver in Kobudo for nunchucks, bronze in Kobudo for bo staff and silver in team Kumite. 15-year-old Elijah West won Gold in Kobudo for Staff Bo, Silver in Kobudo for Double Nunchucks, Bronze in Kata, and Gold in Team Kumite. Cooper Bayes, 11, won gold in Kobudo for stick bo, silver in kata and silver in kumite. Carter Bayes, 11, won gold in Kumite and bronze in Kobudo for staff bo. TJ Bright, 10, and Brendan McMurphy, 14, both swept their competitions, winning gold in every event they entered, as Bright won four gold medals and McMurphy won three.

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