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Once the fall of Chelsea’s Roman Empire was announced, Plain Old John Terry had to have his say. “The best,” he roared on Social Media Disgrace Twitter, captioning a photo of him and the budding former Chelsea owner wrapped around the Premier League trophy. POJT was presumably referring to Roman, but he’s admittedly been associated with the success of others. Chelsea’s extended family are also reeling from the news that it’s all actually over. Probably. The end of the deal was announced just before the actual football team, needing more than £150million in failed strikers, moved past Luton Town. “He has a real love for the game,” sniffed Tactics Tommy of Abramovich after the match, also admitting: “It’s very difficult for me. He hasn’t penetrated yet.

What next? “The sale of the club will not be expedited but will follow due process,” Abramovich said in his statement, quelling any notion he might cut and run Frank Butcher-style after the latest fire in the Albert Square car park. . “I hope I can visit Stamford Bridge one last time to say goodbye to you all in person,” he sobbed. Why is this regular procedure possible? Moving on to the big website: “Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure from the EU to go further and faster in imposing sanctions on Russian oligarchs over fears that assets will be swept away from the UK… A government official [said] it would take “weeks and months” to apply sanctions at the same level as the EU due to a lack of legal and investigative capacity.”

If Chelsea find a willing buyer, business may be able to continue as usual, with Abramovich’s £1.5 billion in loans canceled and the net proceeds of the sale to be used, opaquely, ” for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine”. . Blues fans may forever sing loudly about the man who paid for their dreams to come true but then had to make that unfortunate, brutal exit. Elsewhere, Roman can be remembered as a pioneer of the phenomenon of fans overlooking the bad stuff, so long as there are sparkling trinkets to admire at the end of the season.

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Double then all the way, although another team in blue cannot escape so easily. Back to the big website: “Alisher Usmanov, who has sponsorship ties with [Frank Lampard’s] Everton, has had its assets frozen as part of the sanctions imposed by the European Union. Usmanov, remember, has a close business relationship with FLE owner Farhad Moshiri. Ahead of Thursday night’s FA Cup fifth round meeting with the brave Boreham Wood, Goodison workers removed branding which associated the club with suspended sponsors and Russian companies USM, Megafon and Yota, with logos also ripped from the shirts of the team. “As a club [we’re] do what is necessary, ”parried the director of FLE, Frank Lampard.


Join Simon Burnton from 20:15 GMT for MBM coverage of the FA Cup fifth round on FLE 3-0 Boreham Wood.


“We would like to apologize to Mr. Goodwillie. Earlier this evening, by mistake, we reported that he was found to be a racist in a civil case in 2017. The ruling in question was actually that Goodwillie was found to be a rapist in that case. We apologize for the error in the reports” – The Fiver is not one to preach about accuracy. But Sky Sports News had this in reference to David Goodwillie. Speaking of which, Clyde Ladies are no longer interested in playing for the club after their former player returned from loan from Raith Rovers.


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All eyes are on Stamford Bridge. Photo: Alastair Grant/AP


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Europe’s $uper £ague rears its ugly head again, sparking a funk in UEFA supremo Aleksander Ceferin. “I’m sick of talking about this non-football project,” he fumed. “Look, they first came up with this absurd idea in the middle of a pandemic. Now we read articles every day, they plan to launch another idea in the middle of the war. They obviously live in a parallel world.

Fifa is asked to reopen the transfer window so that Russian players who wish can do so.

Closing the stable door after leaving it open for decades and once its horses may as well have made their way to Khartoum, the Premier League is considering adding a human rights aspect to the test of its new owners.

Manchester United occasional player Edinson Cavani to leave Old Trafford as soon as he possibly cann in the summer, and hopes to move to Spain – ideally somewhere scenic, so he can pursue his hiking career.

And Roberto Carlos is set to taste Sunday’s league with Shrewsbury side Bull at Barne United winning it in a publicity-seeking draw. “It should be a good laugh for him to come and see what we’re made of, with taut free-kicks and hopefully no sleazy tackles,” said manager and goalkeeper Ed Speller.


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Good luck to Mark and Wood.
Good luck to Mark and Wood. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian

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