Recorded caller gives businesses extensive options to take advantage of STIR / SHAKEN to verify caller information

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What: Many businesses and contact centers use multiple voice service providers and phone number types, including long 10-digit codes and toll-free numbers. Therefore, voice service providers need a way to verify that the organization using a delegate certificate or toll free number is authorized to do so for specific businesses and phone numbers.

The Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA) has approved the use of delegate certificates and toll-free numbers for authenticating calls with STIR / SHAKEN. STIR / SHAKEN is an industry-led framework designed to mitigate illegal robocalls and caller impersonation by verifying the identity of the organization using this Caller ID. Available for use in the United States, delegated certificates allow communication providers to verify the authentication of outgoing calls on behalf of their corporate and contact center customers. Likewise, responsible organizations (RespOrgs) can authenticate whether a company or contact center has the right to use a toll-free number.

The Registered Caller operationalizes this process by providing a reliable, industry-backed, centralized phone number registry that service providers and certification authorities can use to verify phone number information.

A collaborative industry initiative facilitated by CTIA and iconectiv, Registered Caller enables voice service providers, RespOrgs, businesses and contact centers to take advantage of delegate certificates and toll-free numbers to verify caller information for ” improve call response rates and reduce customer service costs. Businesses simply register their 10-digit, toll-free phone numbers in the registered caller database, which voice service providers then use to verify this information and leverage to determine the highest level of attestation for calls made. .


On October 22, 2021, delegate certificates and free numbers will be accepted in the STIR / SHAKEN ecosystem.


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