Pointing the finger in the wrong direction

For the editor:

Nothing has ‘fuelled’ the pandemic more than anti-vaxxers who stubbornly refuse to put community before themselves and fight all mask mandates, endangering others so they can be ‘free’ . The insistence that there are “positive” aspects of the pandemic that somehow go unreported by a fickle, negative press strikes me as spectacularly out of place. [“The media is to blame for COVID hysteria,” Letter to the Editor, The Altamont Enterprise, Jan. 6, 2022].

The Omicron variant appeared less than two months ago. Even though its effects are apparently less severe than Delta, the fact remains that hospitals are inundated with cases, long COVID remains a risk and multiple systems are breaking down daily as so many people are sick from work.

Just look around, the examples are everywhere as Omicron continues to roam the population of New York State, rendering the unvaccinated sick so they tax overworked healthcare workers, but those who have did the right thing and got vaccinated a lot less (which is just one example of how vaccines actually work).

Also, people 65 and older aren’t exactly dispensable, nor are immunocompromised people. They must also be able to live their life. The only way to fully protect them is to achieve something closer to herd immunity, which is impossible to do when so many selfish and misinformed people continue to resist vaccination and promote other variants, and perhaps more deadly, to mutate and take. hold.

Blaming the media instead of encouraging widespread vaccination and following the science – which will be fallible, changing and flawed, as we continue to learn more about the coronavirus as the pandemic continues to unfold – is the very definition of pointing du finger in the wrong direction.

Catherine Dieckmann


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