NFL owners probably won’t make as much news as free agency

PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — There’s virtually no chance NFL owners will be competing in their meetings this week with the stream of big news being made by the trades and in free agency so far this year.

They are not likely to try.

Headlines generated by the movement of star players show Russell Wilson in Denver now, Matt Ryan in Indianapolis, Khalil Mack in Los Angeles with the Chargers, Davante Adams in Las Vegas and Tyreek Hill in Miami. And so many other major movements.

All 32 team owners will face significant issues, as they always do. Two proposals to change overtime rules are particularly intriguing.

Tennessee recommended that both teams have the ball in overtime unless the team receiving the kickoff scores a touchdown and a 2-point conversion. That would end the game.

Indianapolis and Philadelphia proposed that both teams have the option of owning the ball in overtime. The powerful competition committee, chaired by Falcons president Rich McKay, presented these two suggestions to the property for consideration and vote this week.

“One thing we’ve tried to do is make sure overtime is designed to be traditional football,” McKay says, “and that means we’re going to have special teams, we’re going to have position on the pitch, we “We’re going to have the ability to play in defence. All of those things are elements. As a committee, we’ve never tried to put ourselves in any type of gimmick in the game of football. We try to play traditional football.

“But the progression of offense and the effectiveness of offenses, especially in the playoffs where in 12 overtime games the winning teams in the coin toss have won 10 times and seven of those in the first disc, the attacks are progressing many. That’s why there is a discussion about changing the rules.

Fans who think the current setup is unfair — teams that win the toss can score a touchdown and end the game before the opponent has an offensive opportunity — should be encouraged that the NFL is leaning about this question. Except this:

“I think with my history on this rule, it tells me that 24 votes isn’t easy to get,” McKay says of the three-quarters upvotes required from owners to bring about a change. “But I think the statistics absolutely warrant a review of whether our overtime rules need to be changed further.”

A new stadium for the Buffalo Bills, to be built in the parking lot of the current site in suburban Orchard Park, New York, will be considered. New York State is committing millions to the project, and the owners are expected to provide the Bills with a $200 million loan.

Although no changes to the barque rules have been proposed, a thorough review of these is underway. The data shows punt plays have become a heavier source of injury, although the league isn’t eager to rush into changes just yet.

“I’ve spent a lot of time on this, both on the rules, potential changes to the rule, as well as who the injured athletes are and the training we do with the special teams players. , and see if there are any (necessary) adjustments,” said Jeff Miller, the league’s executive vice president. “It’s not just a rule issue, it’s definitely a conditioning issue and an issue that we spend a lot of time with the competition committee on in terms of finding solutions and resuming research. That’s where we are at this point, lots of work to do and probably an ongoing conversation over the next year.

Commissioner Roger Goodell will certainly face questions about a possible suspension of quarterback Deshaun Watson, now with the Browns. Watson faced criminal charges of sexual misconduct in Texas, but two grand juries declined to indict him. Watson still faces 22 civil lawsuits from massage therapists who accused him of harassing or assaulting them during sessions.

The lawsuit filed by former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, now a Steelers assistant, is also likely to be a topic of conversation between the owners. Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL, Dolphins, New York Giants and Denver Broncos after he was fired by Miami in January, citing racist hiring practices.


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