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Broncos runner Matt Lodge is reportedly set to sign with the Newcastle Knights, while Matt Dufty’s time at the Dragons appears to be coming to an end.

Kevin Walters, meanwhile, has all but sliced ​​Anthony Milford’s career at the Brisbane Broncos as the $ 1million playmaker fights for his future in the NRL.

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Broncos runner Matt Lodge is reportedly set to sign with the Newcastle Knights.

Fox League senior reporter James Hooper announced last week that Adam O’Brien was planning to sign the 25-year-old after missing Kotoni Staggs

Now Seven’s Chris Garry reports that the deal could be done within the next fortnight with the Broncos likely to help his salary.

“Matt Lodge is close to signing a deal with Newcastle … the clubs are still arguing over how much the Broncos pay,” Garry tweeted.

“Lodge has been playing some great football lately, it will be a good pickup for Knights with Brisbane.


The Dragons have reportedly told full-back Matt Dufty that he is free to leave the club at the end of the season.

Negotiations between Dufty and the Dragons over a new deal have stalled in recent months and now Nine’s Danny Weilder reports that the club have decided to move him.

“I understand the Dragons told Matt Dufty he was free to go. I don’t think they want it for next year, ”Weidler said 100% Footy

“The information I have is that he was told they didn’t want him and that he ‘will look around’.

“They’ve been fortunate enough to sign him again for some time with the Dragons and they’ve decided not to.

Matt Dufty looks set to leave the Dragons at the end of the season.Source: Getty Images


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Weidler said he believes the Dragons are looking for free agent Nicho Hynes, who looks set to leave Melbourne at the end of the season in search of a regular starting point.

The Dragons will face stiff competition, however, with the Broncos identifying the full-back as a top priority for 2022.

If the Broncos fail to land Hynes, they have been linked with a move for Dufty.

Dufty has been one of the Dragons’ best performers over the last few tough seasons, but seems to have failed to impress new coach Anthony Griffin.

“He’s good, he’s improving (but) he has to do it,” Griffin said after the win over Parramatta earlier in the season.

“He has to keep improving to unlock his potential.”

“There are worrying signs for Parra” | 02:11


Kevin Walters had dropped the strongest clue, but Anthony Milford’s time at the Broncos is up.

The 26-year-old, with a contract worth $ 1 million per season, has been in and out of Walters’ squad and is on leave for 2022.

The Broncos secured the exceptional signing of Adam Reynolds to play running back next season and stuck Kotoni Staggs on a four-year contract worth just under $ 3 million.

Speaking on Big Sports Breakfast, Walters said the plan was for Staggs, approaching a return from an ACL injury, for his long-term partner Reynolds.

With the Broncos reportedly targeting Storm’s Nicho Hynes to play fullback, that would leave Milford out in the cold.

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“We’ll get him back when he comes back just to make it easier for him in the middle position,” Walters said of Staggs ‘return to the Broncos’ starting squad.

“But we’ll give him the opportunity in that No.6 jersey at some point, whether it’s the end of the year or starting next year, to team up with Reynolds.

“He would be the one we would consider a good number six, but if that didn’t work out we could bring him back to the center and find someone else for that position.”

“It’s really exciting, we just recruited him. He’s a powerful athlete and he’s very vital to our success in the future and we can’t wait to get him back on the pitch.

“We’ve seen a lot of clubs succeed with that strong five-eighth run, a player like Laurie Daley can be a real handful for the defenses, and that’s how we see Kotoni.

If Milford leaves Red Hill, he’s unlikely to command anywhere near his current salary.

The playmaker’s management reportedly approached the Titans asking for a $ 600,000-a-year contract, but rivals the Queensland Broncos were only willing to offer $ 400,000.

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