Most of South Korean warship’s crew have coronavirus – Press Enterprise

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Seoul, South Korea – The number of sailors infected by South Korean destroyers during anti-piracy missions off East Africa has risen to 247. This is the largest population in the armed forces during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pentagon announced Monday that two military planes had been dispatched to bring the 301 sailors back aboard the destroyer Munmu the Great.

Authorities suspect the outbreak began when the destroyer docked in the area to load goods in late June. No member of the crew was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Health officials say the crew are all in relatively good condition.

South Korea reported 1,252 new cases of the coronavirus on Monday. It was the 13th day in a row that South Korea recorded more than 1,000 new cases.


Pandemic Details:

– Vaccine injustice: fierce competition inside to secure the dose

– In U-turn, Boris Johnson goes into quarantine after contacting COVID-19

– Tunisia imposes vaccination obligations on troops as incidents multiply

– Vietnam blocks southern region due to surge

– The nightclub was delighted, but doubted Cloud England’s “Free Day”


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What else is happening:

A new spike in COVID-19 infection at the end of this month could put serious pressure on hospitals to force some staff to go on summer vacation, the head of Madrid’s community health services said- Catalonia. I go.

Gemma Craywinckel told RAC1 radio in an interview on Sunday that the northeastern part of Spain could enter the current intensive care unit of around 300 to 500 people within two weeks.

She said the Catalan public health system is already “under a lot of strain” due to the proliferation of infectious diseases blamed on delta mutants.

Clay Winkel said authorities were unable to inform residents of the dangers posed by the Delta variant. She also criticized those who clashed with police enforcing the curfew.


Paris – The European Union’s vaccination campaigns are catching up with those of the United States.

European authorities have been touting figures from Our World with data showing that 55.6% of EU citizens have received at least one dose, compared to 55.4% in the United States. It was the first time that the EU’s figures exceeded the figures for the Atlantic as a whole.

According to Our World in Data, the proportion of people fully vaccinated is still high in the United States. This figure is 48% in the United States and 42% in the EU. The UK and some other countries are moving faster than either.

The EU initially took a more cautious approach to vaccines and got off to a slower start than the US.

European Markets Commissioner Thierry Breton said half of the vaccines produced in the bloc have been exported to more than 100 countries in total. However, the extreme global inequality of vaccines remains. It is only a small part of the vaccine that reaches the poorest people in Africa and elsewhere.

ROME – The number of new daily cases of confirmed COVID-19 infections is skyrocketing in Italy.

Health experts say it’s clear that a nationwide celebration by Italian fans after the European Championship soccer match is a big factor.

Thousands of fans disrupted the city of Rome on July 12 and applauded an open-top bus tour of the Italian national team, which beat England the day before to win Euro 2020.

The number of new cases identified in the Lazio region, including Rome, in the past three days. The region had the highest number of new cases per day on Saturday.

A pediatrician who advises the Italian government on anti-pandemic measures told La Repubblica daily in an interview on Sunday that “the rally and congestion have supported the circulation of the virus”.

Dr Franco Locatelli said the average age of those infected in Italy is now 28.


London – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will quarantine himself for 10 days after contact with a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

His office’s announcement on Sunday overturns an earlier statement that, unlike most people, he will not be quarantined. Johnson met with Health Minister Sajid Javid on Friday. Sajid Javid then tested positive for COVID-19. Contacts in positive cases should generally be quarantined for 10 days.

Johnson’s office initially said the Prime Minister would be tested daily for the coronavirus as part of a pilot project. The same goes for Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, who has been contacted. However, Johnson’s office said after the protest the two were in quarantine and “not participating in the test pilot.”


London – Thousands of young people across the UK will dance the night away at “Freedomday” on Monday.

Nightclubs in this country will reopen for the first time in 17 months, as nearly all coronavirus regulations will be scrapped. Sparkling wine and a full dance floor are expected. However, there is no mask or evidence of a COVID-19 vaccine, negative tests or recent recovery from the disease.

Businesses and workers are thrilled. However, many others are deeply concerned about the UK government’s decision to remove social distances when cases of the virus rapidly increase.

Many health professionals fear that the government is overconfident in the deployment of vaccines.


Bargny, Senegal – Health officials warn that the number of COVID-19 cases is skyrocketing in Senegal as millions in West African countries prepare for the vacation in Tabaski.

The number of new confirmed cases rose from dozens of cases per day to 738 cases on Friday in just a few weeks. And the Health Department says they nearly doubled to 1,366 overnight Saturday.

President Macky Sall and his cabinet restricted meetings and travel, continued to wear masks and urged the public to disinfect their hands frequently.

Tabaski is celebrated in Senegal on July 21, with thousands of people gathered in a large family reunion to celebrate. Many health authorities are worried. People rush to the market and gather at auctions to buy sheep for the holidays.


In Tunisia, Kesla-Coronavirus infections are on the rise and hospitals are struggling to manage them, so Tunisian authorities have deployed military personnel to vaccinate remote residents.

North African countries are facing the worst coronavirus virus of the pandemic. The infection has put some areas back under blockade, prompting donations of vaccines and medical assistance from China, France, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

The Tunisian government has decided to deploy troops to vaccinate populations in areas where infection rates are lowest and in particular those where vaccination rates are lowest.

Tunisia currently has one of the highest per capita infection rates in the world and reports the highest per capita pandemic deaths in Africa.


Paris – Global medical experts say they expect vaccine distribution to be uneven between developed and poor countries.

But no one expected him to reach this point. Less than 1% of the world’s poorest citizens receive doses.

And experts say it could be 2023 before the vaccine becomes widely available everywhere. It is fueling more infections and variants that can support a pandemic for longer.

The African Union vaccination mission compared the inequity of distribution to starvation of the “richest taking a bakery”.


Honolulu-Hawaii supporters say the pandemic emphasizes the importance of collecting and reporting racial data.

Honolulu City Council member Esther Kiaina said the pandemic sacrifice against native Hawaiians has urged Hawaii government agencies to present a resolution urging Hawaii to collect more specific data on Pacific Islanders. say.

Kia’āina worked at the federal level in the 1990s to separate native Hawaiian data from Asian data. He was motivated by concerns that native Hawaiian students were seen as overrated in college when counted as Asians.

But since then all other Pacific Islanders have remained in one category.


Hanoi, Vietnam – The Vietnamese government has put the entire southern region in a two-week blockade starting at midnight.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has exceeded 3,000 for 3 consecutive days. The blockade orders include the major cities of the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City. There are more than 35 million people in the financial and economic center of the country. This represents almost a third of the Vietnamese population.

Authorities said action must be taken as the number of infections has reached nearly 50,000 since the outbreak resumed in late April after months of lack of records. Ho Chi Minh City is the epicenter of the wave.

Most of South Korean warship’s crew have coronavirus – Press Enterprise Source link Most of South Korean warship’s crew have coronavirus – Press Enterprise

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