Midlands Industrial Council boss to Boris: Get a Grip, Low Taxes Champion

Midlands Industrial Council boss to Boris: Get a grip, low tax champion

Johnny Leavesley isn’t a household name outside of his own home, although he’s far from an insignificant character. He writes an occasional column in the Telegraph, is a successful businessman, was Treasurer of the Conservative Party and is currently Chairman of the Midlands Industrial Council. Unlike the BBC’s ‘Tory Donor’ who turned out to be a Labor donor, he is the real deal. The Midlands Industrial Council has long funneled money from business into the Conservative Treasury. Their support over the years for the Conservatives has earned millions.

Write in the Telegraph this morning, he passes over Partygate to fire a warning shot on the ideological orientation of the party:

I’ve been a party giver in bad and good times, but my enthusiasm can fluctuate. The recent reiteration of planned NIC increases and the corporate tax increase to 26% are regressive and disappointing. We do not grow the economy, which pays for everything, by taxing it severely when it is vulnerable. It seems that our economic policy has been captured by the public service. Have they never heard of the Laffer curve? It is time for the government to champion free enterprise and act like a Conservative. Pull yourself together Boris, or go.

It’s a sentiment Guido hears all the time from true blue fans. It’s all very well to change people and processes in Downing Street; many believe that a reorientation of the direction of travel is also necessary.

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