Michael Mignano, head of Spotify Podcast Tech, will leave the company at the end of June

Next month, Spotify’s current chief technology officer for podcasts would leave the company. The music streaming giant has announced the news of the upcoming departure of co-founder Michael Mignano.

Spotify official will leave the company soon

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Michael Mignano, Spotify’s chief podcasting technology officer, will bid farewell to the company next month.

According to an initial report from The Verge earlier this week, the Swedish podcast platform has officially confirmed that Mignano will leave the company by the end of June 2022.

Mignano’s journey into Spotify began when he took on the role of chief technology officer for podcasts in 2019. Prior to that, the company acquired its Anchor app for $150 million.

Following his new assignment as Technical Lead, he was assigned to manage all podcast-related activities on the platform. Being a co-founder of Anchor has helped him effectively lead podcast technology in the business.

The most notable thing about Mignano is how he introduced live audio to the streaming site. As such, Spotify has been a hot spot for podcast listeners. At that time, more than four million podcasts existed on the platform.

Spotify says nearly 85% of the podcasts available in the app come from Anchor, according to Android Headlines.

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The Spotify Podcast Team sees a lot of people leaving

In a similar report, Mignano’s upcoming departure isn’t the first instance that will take place on Spotify. Last April, Spotify’s head of studios, Courtney Holt, and Gimlet’s chief executive, Lydia Polgreen, officially stepped down from their roles.

These people, including Mignano, have been key leaders who have shaped the podcast team to date. Some of the most popular episodes that have taken place under their direction include the Joe Rogan and Obama podcasts.

Although Spotify is undeniably successful in its business, it is also marred by various controversies. For example, Rogan’s sensational podcast on COVID-19 has sparked hatred among critics. Many people criticized the episode because it contained a lot of misinformation about the health crisis.

Canceling a Spotify Account

In other news, you can check out Android Police’s guide on how to cancel your Spotify account. According to the tech site, the easiest way to do this is to go to the account management page on your computer or smartphone.

That being said, you must first log into your Spotify account on the official website. You will also see a series of complete steps to do it easily.

To cancel a free Spotify account, you can start by going to the app’s support page. After landing on this section, look for Account Settings.

Then choose Close your account. Continue the process and press the Close Account button. After confirming that you will close your account, Spotify will notify you via email.

Complete the cancellation process by pressing the Close My Account button in the email.

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