Logitech Announces New Enterprise Wireless Technology for Hybrid Work

Logitech is expanding its enterprise products by introducing a new secure high-performance wireless technology called Logi Bolt in keyboards, mice and other business wireless accessories.

Logi Bolt aims to provide a solution to the essentials of business computing by providing secure wireless connectivity, robust wireless signals, and cross-platform mouse and keyboard compatibility.

As Logitech designed LogiBolt for hybrid work, the new secure wireless technology overcomes the IT challenges that can arise when employees are working from home or are already back in the office. I can do it.

In a press release, Joseph Mingori, B2B General Manager of Creativity and Productivity at Logitech, explained how the company brings its expertise to the creation of consumer products:

“For decades, consumers have trusted Logitech to deliver products that help them create, communicate, work and learn at home and on the go. Now we are bringing this expertise to our employers. We aim to provide a superior experience for employees while evolving their requirements in a growing and rapidly changing environment. Redefining enterprise products to support individual work configuration solutions on a global scale. At the same time, we launched a new wireless technology solution, Logi Bolt, which has enabled secure and robust connectivity to meet today’s evolving business needs. These products prioritize the IT needs of the business. Stay productive, collaborative and secure wherever your various employees work. ”


Security is at the heart of Logi Bolt, and the new product uses Bluetooth Low Energy 1 level 4 security mode (also known as Secure Connect Only mode) when paired with Logi Bolt USB to be secure with your mouse and keyboard. Logitech. A receiver that offers a level of wireless connectivity.

Logi Bolt USB receivers can measure up to 33 feet (10 m) even in crowded wireless environments, such as large offices, where the average latency is up to one eighth compared to other popular wireless protocols that are cluttered. ) Can provide a strong and reliable deposit-free connection. , Noisy corporate environment.

At the same time, Logi Bolt devices are more universally compatible than devices from other device manufacturers and work on almost all operating systems and platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Chrome. OS, Android, etc. Users can connect their Logitech devices through the Logi Bolt USB receiver if security and signal strength are paramount, but they can also use Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology.

Logitech devices featuring the company’s new LogiBolt technology can now be pre-ordered from global resellers.

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