Reception of refugees

When I see immigrants living under a bridge, sleeping on the ground in makeshift tents, I see adults looking for work and children who should be in school. Leslie Rutledge went to Texas and said the immigrants were arms dealers, drug dealers and human traffickers. Crime does not pay; however, politics makes many rich liars.

Many of my ancestors came from Ireland. I can only think they had a lot in common with those people under those bridges. I am all for a proper process for all immigrants. The war in Ukraine makes all these refugees available for temporary residence in all free countries. America must take in as many refugees as possible. I say welcome to the brave freedom-loving people. Register to vote as soon as legal. Stick together as much as possible and know what happened on January 6, 2021 in our Nation’s Capital.

Freedom is hard to keep when attacked from without and from within.


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The report was sexist

Mitchell Gladstone: How dare you be so sexist in your reporting on a major story in the history of Arkansas State University’s women’s basketball program.

Your first two paragraphs in “Rogers off and running as ASU women’s coach” are offensive. Your handwriting sounds like something that might be said on a porn phone call. “What are you wearing?” You said wearing red was her way of showing her confidence. Really? The school colors of Arkansas State University at Jonesboro are red and black. The new volleyball coach was to be introduced the following day. Did you plan to point out what he was wearing in the lead? Probably not! You will probably mention his record and his coaching experience.

I have two journalism degrees from two outstanding universities. I have been a journalist since my first job in September 1976. My confidence in my skills as a journalist does not depend on what I wear. But as I write this, I’m wearing tan shoes, brown and tan socks, tan pants and a tan and white top made in Kenya. Nevertheless, you owe Coach Rogers and all women an apology. Unless we’re models, it doesn’t matter what we wear to work.



A one-legged stool?

Regarding guest columns, editorials, letters about education and what should be done: I notice a common theme: they all detail what teachers and schools should do, but they both omit two other very important.

I rarely, if ever, see any mention of parents and students and the responsibility they must have for education to actually improve. A three-legged stool cannot stand if it has only one leg. Same with education.

No. It would be too logical.



So who is a RINO?

I hear the term RINO thrown around among Republicans, and I’m not sure what it really means. I know the term means “Republican in name only”. However, what positions do you need to hold to be a RINO?

Is a RINO someone who sticks to the traditions of supporting business, free markets, fiscal conservatism, strong defense, while defending the Constitution and freedom? It was the GOP that was anti-slavery, voted for the Civil Rights Act, had the last balanced budget not to mention a Social Security surplus (Eisenhower), and rebuilt the U.S. military after Vietnam (which was an important factor in the dissolution of the USSR). Union).

Is a RINO someone who doesn’t support free enterprise, doesn’t support fiscal conservatism, doesn’t support all areas of defense, and doesn’t support the Constitution or the rule of law? If you’re in favor of free enterprise, you’re not in favor of targeted pricing, and you’re not in favor of limiting who can be in a business. (Note: The GOP-dominated Arkansas Legislature initially authorized only five medical marijuana grow licenses, when there were 70 other applicants who met their standards.) If you support fiscal conservatism, you do not support managing trillion dollar deficits in a “good economy” before the pandemic. If you support a strong defense, you are not neglecting or even hindering the will and ability to fight a pandemic that could (and in some ways has) brought America to its knees. If you support the Constitution and the rule of law, you do not support attacking minority rights, violating privacy, violating unreasonable searches and seizures, or nullifying an election outside the courtroom.

Who a RINO is is probably in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe it’s happened before, but I won’t be surprised when two Republicans start accusing each other of being a RINO. I’ve long thought that name-calling is someone’s refuge without a solid logical argument. Think about that the next time you see someone being accused of being a RINO and examine the accuser carefully.


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