Letter to the editor: the trash plan sucks

We do not agree with this garbage collection program in any way! We fully understand that Arvada is a crazy cost town, trying money and, in our opinion, illegal and fraudulent behavior. We do not agree, nor have we voted on any part of this authoritarian system and we will not pay, I repeat, a single penny for a service that we do not use and that we did not accept. to use.

The company they chose has lost most of the homes in our area due to poor service. We know Republic is notorious for leaving garbage cans for days on end, crappy drivers with bad attitudes, garbage vents, and very poor equipment. Why would anyone want them to come back to their streets? Free enterprise is the hallmark, or used to be, of the United States, but since Biden and the growing fascism, governments think they can screw it all down their throats. Not a Trump supporter either.

Now your percentages don’t mean much! As for the four members of the council who suddenly decided on this action, it is still America. We still have a Constitution. We still have a bill of rights, even after the federal and state governments tried so hard to wipe them out through this theater of the flu, there are still enough of us here to tell Arvada City Council to embrace our you-know-what. We will not accept this.

The Greene family,


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