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Ellis scores another football victory

Posted 7:26 p.m. on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

By Brian Pitts

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Landon Hughes won the catch of the year, and Ellis’ football team did what they have done for two seasons, winning 36-0 against visiting North Davie on October 26.

It was the last game for the Wildcats 2-4, who beat Millennium Charter and Forbush and went 0-4 against South Davie/Ellis.

The second Ellis-North game went on form. The Jaguars, who won Game 1 40-6, had touchdowns from four different players and Elijah Chaffin had 14 tackles.

Brandon Forrest ran for two scores and threw a TD at Cannon Smith, the younger brother of Davie star Brodie Smith. Braxton Bowling and Chaffin also had quick touchdowns.

“I think Brandon played great,” assistant coach Kendall Chaffin said. “He’s a great athlete. Braxton probably had over 100 yards on the ground, and Elijah had around 60-65.

But the offensive play of the game was Hughes’ take against full coverage.

“It’s one of the best takes I’ve ever seen in college,” Chaffin said. “(Mike) Morgan said it was the best catch he’s ever seen in all those years he was in college football. It was 30 yards in the air. Landon got him “wet “. He went over (the defender), took him behind his head, pulled him and caught him falling.

The Jaguars can beat you in a variety of ways offensively. Max Cornatzer, Chaffin, Bowling and Smith, the only seventh-grader in the group, were all reliable targets for Forrest.

“On any other team, Cannon would start every game,” Chaffin said. “We just have a lot of eighth graders. Cannon is also a good boy.

Linebackers and defensive backs were especially dominant as the undefeated Ellis recorded his third shutout in seven games. North tried a lot of passes. Almost none of them worked against cornerbacks Hughes and Tate Helton, free safety Cornatzer, outside linebackers Forrest and Jackson Meadwell, and inside backers Chaffin and Bowling.

“They threw the ball 50 percent of the time,” Chaffin said. “I think they finished one. As far as throwing in the field, they never finished one.

When the final horn sounded, there was a sense of relief for Chaffin, who hadn’t enjoyed beating North Davie/South Davie for the past two seasons.

“I thought North played his heart out,” he said. “After competing against these kids since they were in third grade, it’s a relief for me to finally be able to watch all these kids and not have to face them again. Like I said to mine before going through the field to shake their hands: “We don’t compete with anyone else in Davie County from now on and now you’re all brothers. You’ll understand that when you’re senior. You’ll be brothers for the rest of your life. You’re really going to love those kids you’re about to shake hands with.'”

Elijah Chaffin, the son of a Wingate Hall of Famer who averages 16 tackles per game, received a major honor when he was selected to play in the Carolina Bowl Dec. 10 in Gastonia. The game will pit the top eighth graders in North Carolina against those in South Carolina.

“It’s like the Shrine Bowl for their age group,” said coach/dad Kendall Chaffin, who played football at Wingate in the late 80s and early 90s. he has against some elite players.”

Elijah isn’t the only Jaguar with strong bloodlines. Max Cornatzer’s father (Neil) and uncle (Scott) were both starters during their football careers at Appalachian State.

“Max has an instinct for the ball,” Chaffin said. “He can catch pretty well, but I think he’s free safety (in the future).”

Huge showdown

It’s hard to find a good fret when you’re outscoring the competition 261-20, but the Jaguars 7-0 should be tested in their last game. They will put a 15-game winning streak on the line at Oak Grove on Nov. 2 at 4:30 p.m.

It’s a heavyweight match. Ellis and Oak Grove are both undefeated for two years.

“They’re really good,” Chaffin said. “They have 25 eighth graders. Morgan said there were 900 kids in this school and we only have 400+. It’s like a 2-A team playing against a 4-A team. They are good, but so are we. It’s gonna be a good one. I’d like to tell everyone from Davie County to show up because they’re bringing everyone from Davidson County.

SD 36, Forbush 6

South Davie finished with three straight wins, including a 36-6 on the road against Forbush on October 26.

As the season progressed, quarterback Draeton Nance just kept getting better. He threw three touchdowns against the Falcons, including two to Noah Dulin and one to Laz Smith.

“Now that he’s starting to learn, he’s as good as we’ve seen him in a while,” coach Germain Mayfield said of Nance, a move from North Davie. “He didn’t transfer down south until the first day of school, so he didn’t have a summer job. He trained for eight days and he was playing. He was not ready (at the start of the season). Dude, it’s one of them who understands. You can do whatever you want with it.

Jayce Bentley, who missed most of the second half at North Davie on October 19 through injury, had to miss Forbush’s entire game. Cameron Knox became one of the stars of the win over North, and he built on that performance in Forbush.

“Cameron did a terrific job,” Mayfield said after South finished 4-3.

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