Donato’s Saratoga selections for Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The featured race for Wednesday is the Rick Violette Stakes run on gravel over six stages, and although it is a short sprint race, it will be the longest for all competitors as none have raced. more than 5 1/2 stages previously.

Besides distance, the other universal unknown for these competitors will be the weather, which at the time of this writing seems to cloud the track in race weather. Run Curtis Run (7-2) has proven itself in these conditions, however, winning his debut on a sloppy track at Belmont about three weeks ago on July 2. In that run, he fought back and defeated Surprise Boss (10-1) by a neck in a run that saw the pair half-length of each other on every call. He had a great training on his last outing and is the horse to beat if the conditions are not ideal.

Surprise Boss seems an undervalued choice given its most recent performance. He finished far behind Coinage (5-2) in his debut, but his performance against Run Curtis Run suggests he can compete with this group, especially if the weather is bad.

Coinage was unable to keep up with Barese (2-1) early in his first run but, like Surprise Boss, has improved in the meantime. He won the aforementioned race against Surprise Boss on his last outing and did well in practice. It is on the rise. If the track stays dry, he may be the better player.

Barese won a well-led debut at Belmont in May, but has suspended a follow-up so far. With Irad Ortiz Jr., there’s no reason he can’t repeat it, but his potential price tag leads me to look elsewhere.

Ready AP (9-5) is the only filly in the race, after an eight-length win in her debut earlier this month. His speed figure in this race was close, but didn’t quite match the rest of the participants. However, with the right conduct, she could find herself in a good position to close.

First race: 3-The evil queen, 1-The happy giant, 4-Fast car, 6-A silent prayer.

Second race: 4-Democratic Values, 6-Copa, 5-Mission Wrapitup, 3-Frosted Indian.

Third race: Brown Entry (1-Coalition Building, 1A-Federalist Papers), 9-Evvie Jets, 2-Wow, 3-Ignition Key.

Fourth race: 1 Curtis race, 4 surprise bosses, 3 coins, 2 barese.

Fifth race: 7-Raffinity, 3-Blind Sight, 6-Madame Rose, 4-Live in Five.

Sixth race: 6-Let’s be clear, 10-Take the back roads, 9-Next Tuesday, 13-Mystic Eyes.

Seventh race: 7-Absam, 9-Préfet, 10-Win d’Oro, 4-Justintimeforwine.

Eighth race: 12-Fast Getaway, Coupled Entry (1-Discretionary Marq and 1A-Bronx Bomber), 10-Three Outlaws, 6-Shiraz (Coupled Entry 1-Discretionary Marq and 1A-Bronx Bomber) becomes the first choice if the race is moved to the main track).

Ninth race: 2-Forza Di Oro, 7-American Dubai, 3-Highest Honors, 1-West Will Power.

Tenth race: 9-Distractandattack, 10-Tempesta, 4-Fast Gordon, 2-Perfect Banker.

Sunday winners: Breakfastatbonnies (third), Misty Veil (fourth), Free Enterprise (sixth), Awesome Debate (eighth), Goin ‘Good (ninth).

Record for the competition: 13 for 41.

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