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The recent debate over the Dodgers’ trading deadline quickly turns into a pitch. Specifically, start throwing. The reason is easy to understand.

back Walker Buehler And Julio Urias, There are a lot of rotating question marks. Clayton kershaw This week, and next week, and maybe a little more, I’m dealing with an elbow pain that puts him aside. Trevor Bauer is on paid leave I don’t see a clear solution. Tony GonsolinThe recovery from a shoulder injury was injured by uneven orders, and David AwardThe switch to rotation only came after a lot of hesitation.

The Dodgers were not expected to be in this position at the start of the season. Not only have they been here before, but they can also get a good idea of ​​how Andrew Friedman enjoys playing this particular card game.

Take 2017. At the end of July, the return of the motor show was a problem for him. Hyun-jin Ryu was kicking off the first full season since the shoulder labrum surgery, and his stamina and efficiency were not what they would be. Alex Wood has had a career season, but his accomplishments haven’t screamed “Game 1, 2 or 3 Starter”. Rich Hill was healthy enough to take 25 starts. The blisters on his fingers had healed by June. Kenta Maeda was about to be beaten by the bullpen due to the weaknesses of the top five. Meanwhile, in Triple A, Buehler had already knocked on the door ahead of his September debut.

Looking back after 20-20, what Friedman did next makes sense. He traded for an ace and swung Last Minute Dramatic Transaction With Yu Darvish.. It is questionable whether Friedman should have given priority to Justin Verlander. The important thing is that there is a decent comparison to be made in 2021.

Kershaw is once again battling injuries at the wrong time of year. Gonsolin and Price are like 2017 Ryu and Hill. He’s capable, but he’s not the ideal starter for Game 1 or 2. Buehler has proven to be a good ace, but Josiah Gray is in the same position as Buehler four years ago. His promotion problem is a “when” problem, not an “if” problem.

The biggest difference between yesterday and today is that there is no Yu Darvish in this trading market. There is also no Justin Verlander. Kyle Gibson For most accounts, this is the best launcher with a lead time of less than two weeks. Gibson, 33, has never been an All-Star until this season and has only pitched one (very bad) inning at this point in his playoff career. More correctly, he just hit 88 batters in the Texas Rangers’ 102 innings and built a 2.29 ERA by spawning a ground ball on the disc. I don’t know if the directory works the same as the Dodgers.

Ken Rosenthal highlighted all of this in his column on deadline rumors Athletic..He also speculated that the Cincinnati Reds might do Luis Castillo Available when out of competition. After a poor start to the season, Castillo pitched like an ace since the schedule was in June. He started the NL Wild Card game last year and started well after losing to the Atlanta Braves (5-1 / 3 innings, 1 point). Still, the Reds are 48-45, a year after first appearing after the season, after a six-year drought. Castillo won’t be a free agent until 2024. Will Cincinnati’s front office take such a big step by trading their best starters three years ahead of their free agent?

The Dodgers don’t appear to be winning the ace by October 1, unless Bauer’s situation changes. And if you package up for Gibson, a free agent next season, or (especially) Castillo, it seems unlikely that Bauer’s situation will change anytime soon. Colorado right-hander John Gray is a hot topic, but the Dodgers can be overlooked. Lack of success in career away from Coors Field – His 1-6 record and 6.82 ERA, especially at Dodger Stadium? Competing teams can usually be expected to pay too much for business goals within the industry. I don’t know if John Gray is worth it.

The Dodgers have Ace (Buhler), a high quality starter for Game 2 (Urias) with playoff experience, and Gonsolin and Price for Games 3 and 4 so far. The auto show and Bauer are in weird condition, but the auto show and Brandon McCarthy four years ago. McCarthy stepped in in 2017 when the best triple-A pitcher prospects were seen as unprepared for the spot on the World Series roster. Josiah Gray will be auditioned like Buehler, Gonsolin and Dustin May have done in recent years. If the audition goes well, Gray could push Price back to the bullpen in October.

But it’s in a few months. For now, it’s hard to be more excited about the quantity and quality of backup pitchers without seeing the needs of the Dodgers in this commercial market. Craig kimbrel I am alone in the top level. André Chafin, Tanner Scott And Taylor rogers Occupy the following. Rangers (Ian kennedy), Detroit Tigers (Gregory Soto) And Kansas City Royals (former Dodgers farmer) Scott barlow) The current need for closures is, for example, Keibert Ruiz.. The Dodgers would see him as an ideal lifeguard for the postseason squad, even if he wanted to reunite with Maeda.

If you enjoy successful trading for top beginners, this deadline is probably not for you. It should be fun if planes A, B, C, D, E, and F like the same acceptable and unpredictable uncertainties.

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