Disneyland sells its annual Magic Key pass for the highest price – press enterprise

Disneyland sold the most expensive magic key after just two months, as complaints from angry pass holders continue to resonate across social media about the widespread lack of reservations available for the $ 1,399 pass without blocking dates.

The Dream Key has proven to be very popular and is currently out of print with the other Magic Keys – the Key of Belief, the Key of Enchantment, and the Key of Imagination – remaining on sale at the moment, according to Disneyland.

Disneyland will continue to monitor the Believe Key, Enchant Key and Imagine Key and make any necessary adjustments to deliver an exceptional customer experience, according to Disneyland officials.

All Disneyland key holders who have purchased a Magic Key, including current Dream Key holders, will continue to have access to pass holder benefits such as the Magic Key Terrace, specialty products, discounts selected and the next month Magic Key.

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The new Magic Key Annual Passes went on sale August 25 with Disneyland offering a free loot box for new key holders who purchase a pass within the first 66 days – in honor of the 66th anniversary. of the park. The $ 1,399 Dream Key sold before reaching the end of the initial 66-day sales campaign.

Prices for the new Magic Key Annual Passes range from $ 399 for the Imagine Key with the most lock-in dates to $ 1,399 for the Dream Key with no lock-in dates. The most expensive Magic Key still available is now the Believe Key at $ 949 with the Enchantment Key which costs $ 649.

Magic Key bookings were often unavailable on weekends and holidays until the end of the year and short-term dates spanning weeks were completely “sold” to annual pass holders at looking for a reservation. In contrast, the daily ticket calendar often shows availability virtually every day of the week, weekends, and holidays – with a few short-term “sold out” dates.

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Disneyland’s loyal fan base has grown increasingly furious at the apparent priority of daily ticket buyers over annual pass holders.

“The dream key is more like a nightmare key,” Jane Friday wrote on Instagram. “It’s an incredible amount of money to spend just to have reservations available on weekdays.”

The separate Magic Key and Day Ticket online calendars are dynamic and ever-changing, meaning unavailable reservations can become available again at any time.

Last year’s closure and the launch of the new Magic Key program are generating high demand during the still popular fall and winter holiday seasons, according to Disneyland officials.

According to Disneyland officials, the vast majority of key holders say they can access the parks as much, if not more, than they expected when they signed up.

Disney officials say Disneyland manages attendance by leveraging its theme park reservation system that requires advance reservations for Magic Key holders and day guests to provide a customer experience. exceptional to all and to spread out the visits, according to Disney officials.

Key holders can visit Disneyland or DCA any day their passes are not blocked and reservations are available. Key holders can make two, four or six reservations at a time within a 90-day window depending on their pass type.

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