Covid news live: latest updates as Boris Johnson urged to delay exit from lockdown

Vaccinations in the United Kingdom against Covid-19: the latest figures

All-party MPs called on Boris Johnson to urgently issue an internal review of his government’s response to the coronavirus.

The review, which reportedly focused on the Department of Health and Welfare led by Matt Hancock, has been completed but has not been made public.

The Conservatives insist that the public inquiry they have scheduled for 2022 is the right vehicle to examine their response to the pandemic.

Labor Minister Angela Rayner wrote in The independent that it is “baffling” that the government refuses to publish the internal review.

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran added that the refusal “mocks” the government’s promise of transparency, while Tory MP Dan Poulter said The independent that “there is no reason” why the review should not be published.

Boris Johnson is also under pressure to delay the end of all lockdown restrictions. Nervtag member Professor Ravi Gupta told BBC Radio 4 that the June 21 release date should be delayed by “a few weeks”.

“I think people are not saying we should drop the June 21 date altogether, but just delay it for a few weeks while we collect more intelligence and can look at the trajectory in a clearer way,” he said. he declared.

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Angela Rayner calls on Tories to release Covid internal review

Write in The independent, Shadow Minister Angela Rayner called on the government to urgently publish an internal investigation into their management of the pandemic.

The internal ‘lessons learned’ review has already been carried out, but the Tories insist the public inquiry they ordered to begin in 2022 is the appropriate vehicle to examine their response to coronaviruses.

“The government likes to say that it“ is absolutely committed to transparency and public accountability in everything it does, ”Ms. Rayner wrote.

“But as is so often the case, what they do and what they say are very different.”

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Northern Ireland: latest figures

No new coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Northern Ireland.

39 other positive cases were notified

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Twickenham rugby stadium transformed into vaccination center

Twickenham Rugby Stadium has been transformed into a walk-in vaccination center.

The center offers up to 15,000 first-dose injections to residents of the region as part of its Let’s Tackle Covid event.

Member of the public prepares to receive coronavirus vaccine at Twickenham rugby stadium


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Army medics help deliver vaccines to Northern Ireland

Army medics have delivered 100,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine to Northern Ireland, according to the Department of Defense.

100 combat medical technicians (CMTs) delivered vaccines to the SSE Arena in Belfast.

Military aid during the pandemic is believed to be the first time the military has offered intimate public-facing assistance to civil authorities in Northern Ireland in nearly fifteen years.

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Economic recovery will be patchy after pandemic, OECD forecasts

Global GDP is expected to be £ 3 trillion lower than it would have been without the pandemic next year.

While some countries like the United States and Korea have already returned to their pre-pandemic growth levels, others like Mexico and South Africa could take three to five years to recover.

According to forecasts by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), most of Europe will take another year to recover.

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“Drastic” drop in no-shows for vaccines in Glasgow

There has been a ‘drastic’ decrease in the number of people not showing up for their coronavirus vaccine appointments in Glasgow, a Scottish government minister said.

Concerns were raised in the city last weekend when about half of all immunization appointments at the city’s Mass Vaccination Center in the SSE Hydro arena were missed.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said he was encouraged that the number of “did not attend” had declined in recent days, although he did not share any figures.

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Scientific community divided over Wuhan lab leak theories

Scientists are divided over the feasibility of the “lab leak” theory of the origin of the coronavirus.

An expert said The independent that the suggestion, that Covid-19 spread after a laboratory accident in Wuhan, is “quite plausible” while another said such theories “vary from not at all believable to barely believable” .

As the WHO investigates, read Samuel Osborne’s report on the range of opinions on the theory within the scientific community:

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“Testimony” of growth forecasts for the deployment of the vaccine, according to the chancellor

Chancellor Rishi Sunak praised the growth forecasts of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in the United Kingdom.

Mr Sunak said: “The strength of the UK growth forecast is a testament to the continued success of our vaccine deployment and proof that our jobs plan is working.

“It’s great to see the first signs that the UK is recovering from the pandemic, but with debt at almost 100% of GDP, we also need to ensure that public finances remain on solid footing.

“That is why, in the March budget, I outlined the steps we will take to contain debt over the medium term, ensuring that our future recovery is sustainable.”

However, while forecasters predicted Britain’s GDP would return to pre-pandemic levels early next year, they also warned the UK was facing the biggest drop in output growth potential among G7 countries, in part due to Brexit.

Meanwhile, the hospitality industry faces a ‘serious’ staff shortage in the wake of the pandemic – again, in part because of Brexit, as many workers in the industry come from countries in the EU.

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Post-pandemic growth will be “better than expected”

The UK economy will grow at a faster rate than expected this year and next, an international forecaster has said.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development forecasts UK GDP growth to be 7.2% this year and 5.5% in 2022, up from previous estimates.

The organization commented that the rapid roll-out of vaccines and the reopening of services have contributed to the numbers, and that Britain’s GDP is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels early next year.

But they also warned that the UK faces the biggest drop in potential output growth among the G7 countries, in part due to Brexit.

“The decline in potential output growth in the major members of the euro area could be 0.3 percentage point per year on average over 2019-22,” he said.

“The UK could experience the biggest reduction among the G7 countries (a drop of 0.5 percentage point per year), partly reflecting the additional negative effects on supply from 2021 following Brexit.”

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“Serious” staff shortages hit the hospitality industry

Brexit and the pandemic have led to “serious” staff shortages in the hospitality sector, an industry leader has said.

“There are serious staff shortages,” said Michael Kill, managing director of the Night Time Industries Association.

“A lot of workers come from Europe, so Brexit has had an impact, and there’s the hangover, where a lot of people now have other jobs to keep themselves up and don’t come back.”

Mr Kill said up to 60% of security posts are at risk of going unfilled in pubs, bars, clubs and festivals this summer.

Meanwhile, job postings for the entire industry have risen 46% since the indoor trade resumed on May 17.

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