Chelsea exit from European Super League due to Roman Abramovich ‘furious’ over being ‘blinded’ by backlash

Chelsea president Bruce Buck ultimately led the Blues out of the European Super League.

But it was Roman Abramovich’s anger that brought down the whole house of cards.


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was stunned by depth of fury against European Super LeagueCredit: PA

The Chelsea owner was reportedly “blinded” by the force of the backlash to Sunday’s announcement – then “furious” at being misinformed about the likely reaction.

As the pressure mounted and fans gathered outside Stamford Bridge, Buck urged Abramovich and the club’s hierarchy to take action to withdraw from the project.

And the billionaire oligarch agreed, shocked deep down at how quickly it all fell apart.

Abramovich and Chelsea started to get cold feet on Sunday when the astonishing news of the Super League emerged and football united in their opposition to the breakaway.

According to a source, Abramovich “had no idea that there would be such a backlash.”

Groups of Chelsea fans and former players were part of the chorus of disapproval.


And when it became clear that supporters were going to take their protest to Stamford Bridge and shut down Fulham Road, the writing was really on the wall.

Gaming legend Petr Cech, now the club’s technical and performance adviser, has walked out of the stadium to implore fans to allow Chelsea and Brighton coaches to go ahead of the Premier League game.

But at that time, the Blues were already trying to disentangle themselves from a league that had been officially announced less than 48 hours earlier.


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Wild fan celebrations outside Stamford Bridge as Chelsea withdraw from European Super League

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