Risk free rate

Futures trading: everything you need to know

Futures trading is a way to speculate or hedge against the future value of all kinds of assets, including stocks, bonds, and commodities. Futures trading can provide much more leverage than stock trading, offering the possibility of very high returns but with very high levels of risk. If you understand …

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Real complaints or negative side effects?

In today’s world, most people find it difficult to lose weight. People who are trying to manage their obesity can end up with emotional distress. Not only does weight loss affect people emotionally, being overweight also leads to multiple health problems, some of which are even life threatening. Meticore is …

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Implications for asset pricing and portfolio performance

When uncertainty and volatility are disconnected: implications for asset valuation and portfolio performance Yacine Aït-Sahalia, Félix Matthys,Emilio Osambela, and Ronnie Sircar Abstract: We analyze an environment where uncertainty about equity market performance and its volatility are both stochastic and can potentially be disconnected. We solve for the optimal asset allocation …

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