Risk free rate

Learning to live without LIBOR

May 22, 2021 A RESTAURANT CHAIN in Huntsville, Ala., draws an additional a few thousand dollars from its working capital facility with a local bank. Meanwhile, its employees’ pension plan must convert the variable interest rate on $ 10 billion of its assets into a fixed income stream. The system …

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What the SEC doesn’t say about PSPCs

The financial world has changed. According to PSPC Research, At the end of 2020, more than 248 SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) were listed in the United States (on the Nasdaq or the NYSE), raising a record of 83.4 billion dollars. PSPCs have already raised last year’s record in the …

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This week’s ESSA news: Schools race to reach high school students at risk of dropping out, California to start tracking student growth, Idaho to offer free online math lessons and more

This update on the Every Student Succeeds law and education plans currently implemented by states and school districts is produced in partnership with ESSA Essentials, an ongoing series of Collaborative for Student Success. It is an emanation of their ESSA Advance newsletter you can register here! (See our latest ESSA …

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