Risk free rate

LIBOR transition: the drama continues for BSBY

As Bloomberg and banks like Bank of America in the United States and DBS Bank in Singapore continue to move forward with BSBY, IOSCO shaken its saber last month with a statement on credit-sensitive rates, highlighting the importance of choosing alternative financial benchmarks that comply with the IOSCO Principles. The …

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Is it worth it for retirees to get a mortgage?

Many people aim to retire without a mortgage. In fact, some borrowers speed up their repayment period for the express purpose of being able to start their old age without a mortgage. Retirees generally live on a fixed income which largely consists of social security. And for this reason, many …

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The role that the composition of Nifty must play

With the Indian stock market hitting new highs every month, market practitioners who follow fundamental analysis before investing are confused. In this calendar year, 46 trading days were marked by new market highs, but there was no significant market correction (over 5%) despite high sliding price / earnings multiples and …

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