Free exit – Freedominst Tue, 17 May 2022 12:29:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Free exit – Freedominst 32 32 Irish winger Callum O’Dowda wanted by Cardiff City after Bristol exit Tue, 17 May 2022 11:06:10 +0000

Cardiff City are reportedly interested in free agent Callum O’Dowda.

Irish winger Callum O’Dowda may soon have a new home after his contract with Bristol City expires.

The 27-year-old was released by the Robins on Monday night after six seasons at Ashton Gate but is expected to remain in the EFL Championship next season.

According to the Bristol Post, seven clubs are pursuing his signing, with Cardiff City looking like favorites at the moment.

O’Dowda has been limited to sixteen starts this season as injuries once again hampered his progress under Nigel Pearson.

Nigel Pearson at the O’Dowda exit.

Earlier this week Bristol announced the signing of Irishman Mark Sykes from O’Dowda’s former club Oxford and, although the 24-year-old mainly plays in central midfield, he can also operate in left.

So it’s possible that Sykes will prove to be a direct replacement for the Ireland international by following in his footsteps.

Explaining his reasons for releasing O’Dowda, former Leicester boss Pearson, however, was tight-lipped, saying simply “It’s just time for a change”.

“I think Callum has been here for six years. It accompanies our best wishes. He’s a very good boy, but it’s time for a change.

“It is time to change direction. It’s that simple.”

O’Dowda has managed to make 155 Championship appearances since signing for Bristol in 2016 and hopes to add to that number next season, albeit with a different club.

Cardiff City target Callum O’Dowda.

O’Dowda qualifies for Ireland through his grandfather Brendan and made his debut for the Boys in Green in 2016 against Belarus at Turner’s Cross.

The free agent has featured for Ireland on 23 occasions, his last appearance against Wales in the 2020 UEFA Nations League.

Despite his frustrating injury record, O’Dowda has started three times under Stephen Kenny to date and is regularly checked by the Dubliner.

“He’s kind of a potentially versatile player,” Kenny said last month. “He can play at left-back, he’s played that a bit with Bristol this year.

“We probably see him as a top-three southpaw, but he can also play on the right.

“He’s a good player, Callum, but obviously he just needs to play games.”

For all the latest Irish transfers this summer, be sure to check out our Kenny Children’s Transfer Centre.

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‘I know he wants to have a Kobe-type outing where he scores 60’: Kevin Love addresses LeBron James teaming up with son Bronny for one last ride in Cleveland Sun, 15 May 2022 03:55:31 +0000

Former Cavaliers teammate Kevin Love addresses rumors that LeBron James is ending his career in Cleveland and his legacy with the franchise.

As Kevin Love continues to be reeling from being posterized by his good friend LeBron James in a regular season game, he wants the King to end his career in Cleveland, even if it means he won’t be. It’s only one game. The love reflected James’ emotional connection to the city and his hometown of Akron.

Akron kid James had a love-hate relationship with the city of Cleveland, thanks to him forming a Big 3 with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. However, after winning two titles and Finals MVP, the King would decide to return home and keep his promise.

The former ROTY had one of the greatest homecomings in American sports history, and the rest is history. The superstar would deliver on his promise to deliver a championship to City after a more than five-decade drought in one of the NBA’s greatest Finals.

Also read: “My senior year will be played with my son, wherever Bronny is, it’s not a question of money at this time”: LeBron James wants the couple with his eldest to be the first father-duo son in NBA

Entering his 20th season, James is currently playing for the LA Lakers, who have been struggling lately. During the recent All-Star Weekend, James talked about playing his final season with his eldest son Bronny, no matter where he is.

Kevin Love reflects on LeBron James’ legacy in Cleveland.

James made a series of bold claims during a press conference at this year’s ASG in Cleveland. The four-time champion hasn’t held back, whether it’s playing with his son Bronny or the door not closing on his return to Cleveland.

“My last year will be played with my son. Wherever Bronny is, that’s where I’ll be. I would do whatever it takes to play with my son for a year. It’s not a question of money at that time.

The eighteen-time All-Star also spoke about a potential return to Cleveland.

“The door is not closed on that. I’m not saying I’m coming back and playing. I do not know. I don’t know what my future holds for me. I don’t even know when I’ll be free.

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, former Cavs teammate Kevin Love addressed the rumors surrounding James’ return to Cleveland.

“I feel like it’ll even be cool if it’s one of those things like a one-match kind of thing,” K-Love said. Obviously I know he wants to have a Kobe type outing where he scores 60 and does his thing.

“He will have this statue. I can’t wait for it to go up, I’ll be there.

After playing four seasons with the King in Cleveland, including winning the iconic 2016 championship, Love knows the bond James shares with the city.

Also read: “LeBron James must come to Cleveland! Bring Bronny too!”: Kevin Love expresses desire to bring Lakers star and son home

James ending his career with Bronny in Cleveland would be the perfect farewell for the King, bidding farewell to one of the NBA’s greatest careers.

Putin must leave the world stage Fri, 13 May 2022 03:16:41 +0000

Guest Writer

As brave Ukrainians use heavy weaponry provided by the West to push Putin’s forces into retreat, a unique global opportunity for the free world has arisen. America and its allies once again have the historic opportunity to lead the free world and defeat another hegemonic regime.

But do our leaders see this opening and possess the ability to seize it and win?

It reminds me of President Ronald Reagan’s powerful statement, “Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose.” This is the clear, principled strategy and vision we need in this age of renewed global conflict. Don’t just tie up Russian forces so they can continue to bomb innocent Ukrainians as part of a strategy to partition an already devastated country. Instead, pour weapons into Ukraine, deploy all possible sanctions, codify global alliances, and head for a Russian defeat. And yes, call for regime change. Putin’s barbaric actions against innocent civilians and other atrocities amounting to war crimes render the despot persona non grata on the world stage. A victory for Ukraine would deal a devastating blow to Putin and could be used as a catapult to weaken an aggressive China and a belligerent Iran.

But a radical shift in world politics is needed.

China chose poorly since Xi Jinping was advised by Putin before the invasion of Ukraine, and clearly gave his approval. Russia’s failed takeover of Ukraine has reignited global attention on China’s voracious desire to take over Taiwan. There is a sense of satisfaction in watching one autocrat overthrown by the incompetent actions of another. Xi will likely be forced to delay his own nefarious plans for Taiwan as a waking world watches China’s future actions. Now is the time to rally Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, as well as the countries of Southeast Asia to establish closer military, trade and economic partnerships with the States United and Europe.

We can guarantee that China is economically damaged if its expansionary policies persist, as 19% of global imports in 2020 by value transit through China, although this number has been declining over the past decade. We can ensure that its fall continues. Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, offer viable supply chain and export options and seek closer relationships with the ‘West. These countries are increasing their manufacturing and production capacities, and Japan, South Korea, Australia and Taiwan represent additional mature markets for enhanced business partnerships. Militarily, we should dramatically increase aid to Taiwan and provide a powerful deterrent to Chinese aggression. We can further strengthen military ties with our other Asian friends to deter China from further thoughts of aggressive behavior in the Pacific arena.

The Middle East presents yet another major challenge, and an opportunity. While Russia threatens Eastern Europe and China arms Asia, Iran continues to terrorize the Middle East. Missals have landed near our US Consulate in Iraq as Yemeni Houthi proxies drop bombs targeting civilians in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Back home, the Biden administration is trying to broker a nuclear deal with Iran. And China and Russia are sitting side by side with the Iranians at the negotiating table to help determine an outcome acceptable to the Ayatollah. Our historic and longtime allies in the Middle East, including Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are understandably outraged by the US position. Underscoring this wedge caused solely by this administration’s obsession with an Iranian nuclear deal, Saudi and Emirati leaders recently declined a phone call from President Biden as the Saudis began to consider trading their oil in Chinese yuan instead. only in US dollars.

America is best served by strengthening our relationships with our longtime friends in the region. Just as we work cooperatively with our European allies to confront Russia, we must fortify our Middle Eastern partners to isolate Iran. It’s an illogical notion that building alliances against Putin while destroying our Arab is somehow the best way forward.

Our global window of opportunity requires consistency, clarity, commitments and loyalty to longstanding alliances.

Finally, we must recognize and accept the fact that we are in a process of rapid change. and a far more dangerous world, which demands significant increases in our own military spending. Military force deters adversaries. Unfortunately, the recent budget submitted by the Administration only results in an actual increase of 1.5% over last year’s funding, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Air Force Association said last week that the Air Force “is now the smallest, oldest and least ready it has ever been in its 75-year history.”

America and its allies can win this new era of global conflict. But courage, consistency, clarity, alliances and recognition of a dangerous new world are essential.

Heat control: Lynn’s Brisbane exit pushes for reset Wed, 11 May 2022 03:44:21 +0000

So, after 11 seasons and a particularly long showreel, the most celebrated player-club relationship in KFC BBL history is over.

Today’s news of the Brisbane Heat parting ways with tournament top scorer Chris Lynn has divided fans and rekindled memories of remarkable deeds.

Whatever one’s opinion on the Heat’s decision to sever ties with their record hitter, it’s hard to argue against the idea that peak Lynn (which also stands for peak ‘Bash Brothers’, along with the Lynn’s good friend and legendary Kiwi blaster Brendon McCullum in tow) was BBL’s hottest ticket; a fun, furious, free-wheeling assault on the senses that hasn’t been matched in the competition for pure entertainment.

“You look at Brisbane and our identity is based on ‘Lynny’ in many ways,” former Heat manager Dan Vettori told “When people talk about the Brisbane Heat, they talk about Lynny, they talk about the style of play, they talk about how far he can hit the ball.

In 2015, Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara called Lynn “almost a force of nature…a guy I’d pay to go watch, anytime, in any format.”

But let’s put the nostalgia aside for a minute and consider the future. The thing is, the benefits here for Lynn, the Heat and the competition itself could be significant. For starters, the tournament’s most successful hitter is now a free agent, a walk-in entertainment package ready and willing to be bought by the highest bidder.

Then add what that means for the Heat, the BBL wild card trying to shed that unwanted reputation for something neater, or at least something that translates to more Finals appearances.

Where now for Wade Seccombe’s team? With Brisbane-based Usman Khawaja recently announcing his departure from the Sydney Thunder and his wife Rachel having just had their second child, it seems there is a good chance Seccombe will secure the services of his captain. state, a man who also happens to be Australian. The hottest Test hitter right now, one who boasts an outstanding Big Bash record and has also been credited with playing a significant role in transforming Queensland Bulls culture over the past decade.

And what about Lynn? Which club(s) will go for him? What is the risk/reward ratio? Does the six-shot superstar still have it? How much is it worth?

Chris Lynn throws Shaun Tait out of the Gabba

Last summer, Lynn was fourth among Heat hitters in runs scored, his 215 at 17.91 (a fifty) a shadow of his league-best record from six summers earlier, putting him propelled to the record five-year, million dollar face heat that recently expired.

For Lynn, it was a second straight summer punctuated by complications from COVID-19 and frustration with the expanded schedule. Excuses? Maybe, but last season’s poor comebacks were unique in the larger context of his career.

To some extent he has in recent years been the victim of his own outrageous scandal; in BBL | 10, his 420 runs were third in the regular season, but because his performances lacked the same pyrotechnics as years past, they were largely glossed over, even though the Heat only reached the Finals for second. times since their title-winning BBL|02.

In the previous two seasons, he was the Heat’s top scorer, finishing 13th (BBL|09) and sixth (BBL|08) on the overall roster, meaning even with his disappointing comebacks last summer, he’s coming. still ranked eighth on the BBL scoring list over the past four tournaments combined.

All of those numbers tell a simple story: Lynn has been fairly consistent in recent years without hitting those ridiculous highs of BBL|05 and BBL|06, when he and McCullum ensured that Gabba sales were becoming routine.

If they have the cash to spend, some clubs are likely to find the 32-year-old’s six-running and marketing legacy hard to ignore. Which raises another question: who can afford Lynn? Many clubs have top hitters stuck on long-term, top-flight deals, which could mean the Queenslander has to take a huge pay cut if he wants to sign elsewhere. Such a scenario could see him avoid the competition altogether; he could potentially win more in the national T20 tournaments of Bangladesh, Pakistan and even South Africa which are expected to overlap with the BBL window.

But what about the other side of Lynn? The one who once described his modus operandi as follows: “Train hard, play hard, send the ball over the fence, drink beer and support the winners.” Will clubs be cautious about signing a cricket maverick, or will someone, somewhere look at his runs, his cricketing us and his strength of personality, and see an ideal fit ?

Lynn equals BBL record with 11 sixes at SCG

Perhaps a change of scenery will invigorate and revitalize Lynn, stoking motivation that may have stalled last summer amid harsh climates. Maybe the right coach, the right club and the right conditions will reawaken the Lynn of old. Perhaps fatherhood – he and his partner are set to have their first child in September – will inspire him to new heights.

Current Heat captain Jimmy Peirson will be better off having a debut campaign under his belt. The new skipper will probably still be aware of the magnitude of his task; producing a consistent output from the Heat has been one of the big challenges of the competition. Seccombe, too, will benefit from the experience of having now had a tournament in the hot seat, and both men will be better off if the Heat can land the cool-headed Khawaja, a man more familiar with the rippling fortunes of professional cricket. than more.

Just how influential Khawaja could be looms as another intriguing subplot. The Heat will have to bank on their possible star rookie playing every Test this summer, although reports so far indicate at least the New Year’s Test will be the last on the schedule, which would free up the southpaw for the trade end of the bash. And as captain of Queensland and with a heavy Bulls side, plus Seccombe’s link as head coach of both, the 35-year-old could well make his mark before a ball is even played. .

Of course, until all unfolds, none of this is certain. What we do know is this: Lynn, Heat and Khawaja talking points are all healthy for the Big Bash. Over the past few seasons, the tournament has been maligned and written off – much like Lynn over the same period, which may or may not be coincidental – and as critics continue to point out flaws, this narrative will bring buzz. and hype and hope and excitement.

And that’s – again, like Lynn himself – what the Big Bash is meant to be.

EPL leaders City recover from CL exit to beat Newcastle 5-0 Sun, 08 May 2022 18:05:20 +0000

Manchester City’s Aymeric Laporte, center, scores his team’s second goal during the English Premier League soccer match between Manchester City and Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on Sunday, May 8, 2022. (AP Photo/ Jon Super)

MANCHESTER, England (AP) — Manchester City rose from disappointment in their Champions League exit with a 5-0 rout of Newcastle that sent the defending Premier League champions three points clear of Liverpool at the summit on Sunday.

Raheem Sterling scored twice while Aymeric Laporte, Rodri and Phil Foden were also on target at the Etihad Stadium as City closed in on a sixth title in 10 years with three games remaining.

The performance and result was a resounding response to Real Madrid’s late semi-final collapse on Wednesday that ended City’s bid for a first European Cup. He also benefited from second-placed Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham on Saturday.

City took the lead in the 19th minute after a fine vision from Ilkay Gündoğan, who sent a fine ball through the box to spot João Cancelo at the far post. The defender headed for goal and Sterling dived home.

The second goal came after a corner in the 38th. Newcastle keeper Martin Dubravka failed to block Gündoğan’s volley from the edge of the box. Although Dubravka reacted quickly to stop Ruben Dias on the rebound, he couldn’t stop Laporte from inserting.

The third goal also came from a corner in the 61st when Rodri found space at the near post to head home after Kevin De Bruyne delivered.

This only served to inflame City further and Foden made it 4-0 in the last minute before Sterling completed the rout in injury time against 13th-placed Newcastle.


More AP soccer: and

David Moyes and ill-advised yuks after West Ham exit euro | Soccer Fri, 06 May 2022 15:01:00 +0000


When it comes to misguided attempts at humor, The Fiver considers itself an authority. After all, they are our stock in trade and we’ve been churning out almost daily attempts at ‘satire’ for over 20 years now, spectacularly failing to read a global room that expects more from its free email at the time of the day. tea than a series of lazy national stereotypes, unimaginative nicknames, and a litany of inscrutable, unfunny jokes that are so old that even we can’t remember why they were originally meant to be funny.

So while we don’t condone the actions of David Moyes in trying (and thankfully failing) to smash one football at a time while squandering the ball boy’s head in West Ham’s semi-final defeat in the Big Vase at the hands of Eintracht Frankfurt, we can understand his frustration towards the end. of a draw in which, almost to a man, his players did not give a good image of themselves. Semi-finals of the Big Vase or any other tournament don’t happen too often for teams like West Ham, so if you’re going to lose one you might as well come out swinging some hay rather than with an uninspired moan.

Speaking about the incident after the match, Moyes was quick to apologize but only managed to make matters worse by trying to crack. “I have to apologize for hitting the ball,” he sighed. “But the ball boy left it short and it was good on the fly for me.” Despite performing in front of comedy’s most generous audience – football journalists who will typically laugh their heads off at any feeble attempt at press conference humor – Moyes’ gag was met with silence. and a tumbleweed, at which point he again apologized without trying to mine. time for ill-advised yucks.

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Meanwhile in Scotland, a packed Ibrox roared at Pope’s Newc O’Rangers as they booked their place in the final against Frankfurt, crushing RB Leipzig to go through the odd five from two innings. Decidedly unpopular in Germany, Leipzig are no stranger to the hostile atmospheres of the Bundesliga but there was no answer for the O’Rangers, who dedicated their victory to Jimmy Bell, their kit man of more than 30 years deceased suddenly following the Old Firm derby last Sunday. Clearly upset by the sudden loss of a dressing room morale booster, whose duties went well beyond simply laying out the kit, the players held a minute’s silence, wore black armbands in honor of Bell and spoke of him fondly after the game. “Words can’t describe how much Jimmy meant to all of us,” said John Lundstram, who scored the winner. “He was the foundation of the club and touched everyone. I just want to dedicate my lens to him, I absolutely love him to pieces. May Jimmy rest in peace.


“Why did I shed a tear? Because I feel what they all feel. It’s a giant club without a trophy room for the social importance of this club… it’s our [Big Cup]” – José Mourinho explains why Roma’s arrival in the final of Tin Pot, a competition some don’t yet know exists, made him bawl like a toddler.

Tears of joy, earlier. Photo: Tullio Puglia/UEFA/Getty Images


Get your ears around for the latest Football Weekly Extra. And while we’re at it, Max, Barry and the pod crew are hitting the road again. Tickets for the live shows in June and July are available here – there’s even a new date added in Dublin – so get them.


A New Formation: How Black British Footballers Shaped the Modern Game. Tickets are now available for the live event, featuring Jonathan Liew, Andrew Cole and Hope Powell.


“Dear Fiver. Thank you very much for a very interesting and very often hilarious [eh? – Fiver Ed] newsletter. It is very popular so far in Greenland. I wish I could write something funny (or tragic…) on all the napkins about Gareth Bale’s ‘locker’ seen in the Real Madrid celebrations video” – Janus Chemnitz Kleist.

“In fact, the earth has moved again in Seattle (caption News, Bits and Bobs from yesterday). The stadium’s seismic waves are measured on a special seismometer installed nearby to record the “RaveQuakes” (named after the Sounders’ rave-green kits). I was happy to play my small role in shaking the ground ”- Daniel Stauss.

“Being a pessimistic Scottish fan, the best team score abbreviation (five letters passim) I had hoped to see at a recent World Cup and represent my nation was if Iran and Brunei managed to qualify , they were pulled against each other, and Iran was the first team there. I could take comfort in some way from 24 years of suffering. Other soft drinks are available” – Andy Morrison.

“Has anyone heard of Kenny Shiels on the latest of City’s ‘krazy kwickfire kontinental kollapses’ (yesterday’s Fiver)?” – Peter Rehwaldt.

Send your letters to And you can always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our invaluable letter of the day is… Janus Chemnitz Kleist.


Jürgen Klopp has joined groups of Liverpool supporters to question why UEFA only gave away half of the tickets to clubs taking part in the Big Cup finals. Don’t worry, because you can still get some on resale sites, at competitive prices between, uh, £3,275 and £15,499. “Is it fair that we only get 20,000, they get 20,000, 75,000? That’s 35,000, what? Where are these tickets?


Arsenal male manager Mikel Arteta and female counterpart Jonas Eidevall signed their names on new contracts in a sync signing. “We want to take the club to the next level,” barked Arteta.

Matching Natty tops and pens.
Matching Natty tops and pens. Photo: Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC/Getty Images

Mo Salah sharpens his cleats for the Big Cup final against Madrid after picking up his Football Writers’ Male Player of the Year gong. “It’s time for revenge,” he roared. “We lost in the final [in 2018]it was a sad day for all of us.

Sam Kerr of Chelsea, recipient of the FWA Women’s Player of the Year award, is nervous ahead of Sunday’s WSL final. “I’ve been nervous all week,” she yelped ahead of a game against Manchester United they need to win to secure the title. “I want to win so badly.”

And Eddie Howe will have heated discussions with his Newcastle side after Allan Saint-Maximin spoke to French hacks about how his assist stats would be better if his teammates could actually finish. “I’ll try to talk to the guys and make sure there’s no fallout,” Howe said.


Ten things to watch in the Premier League this weekend – some of them big, baby.

‘Hello darkness my old friend’: Barney Ronay on the systemic flaws that led to even more Big Cup woes for Pep’s City.

West Ham fans wanted to know what David Moyes would do to change the game against Eintracht. Kicking the ball off a ballboy, the response wasn’t great, writes Jonathan Liew.

Football must do more to tackle the climate crisis: Barney Weston explains how clubs and fans can help.

Carlisle's Brunton Park in 2015.
Carlisle’s Brunton Park in 2015. Photography: AFP/Getty Images

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Michael Mignano, head of Spotify Podcast Tech, will leave the company at the end of June Wed, 04 May 2022 05:40:00 +0000

Next month, Spotify’s current chief technology officer for podcasts would leave the company. The music streaming giant has announced the news of the upcoming departure of co-founder Michael Mignano.

Spotify official will leave the company soon

(Photo: Heidi Fin of Unsplash)
Michael Mignano, Spotify’s chief podcasting technology officer, will bid farewell to the company next month.

According to an initial report from The Verge earlier this week, the Swedish podcast platform has officially confirmed that Mignano will leave the company by the end of June 2022.

Mignano’s journey into Spotify began when he took on the role of chief technology officer for podcasts in 2019. Prior to that, the company acquired its Anchor app for $150 million.

Following his new assignment as Technical Lead, he was assigned to manage all podcast-related activities on the platform. Being a co-founder of Anchor has helped him effectively lead podcast technology in the business.

The most notable thing about Mignano is how he introduced live audio to the streaming site. As such, Spotify has been a hot spot for podcast listeners. At that time, more than four million podcasts existed on the platform.

Spotify says nearly 85% of the podcasts available in the app come from Anchor, according to Android Headlines.

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The Spotify Podcast Team sees a lot of people leaving

In a similar report, Mignano’s upcoming departure isn’t the first instance that will take place on Spotify. Last April, Spotify’s head of studios, Courtney Holt, and Gimlet’s chief executive, Lydia Polgreen, officially stepped down from their roles.

These people, including Mignano, have been key leaders who have shaped the podcast team to date. Some of the most popular episodes that have taken place under their direction include the Joe Rogan and Obama podcasts.

Although Spotify is undeniably successful in its business, it is also marred by various controversies. For example, Rogan’s sensational podcast on COVID-19 has sparked hatred among critics. Many people criticized the episode because it contained a lot of misinformation about the health crisis.

Canceling a Spotify Account

In other news, you can check out Android Police’s guide on how to cancel your Spotify account. According to the tech site, the easiest way to do this is to go to the account management page on your computer or smartphone.

That being said, you must first log into your Spotify account on the official website. You will also see a series of complete steps to do it easily.

To cancel a free Spotify account, you can start by going to the app’s support page. After landing on this section, look for Account Settings.

Then choose Close your account. Continue the process and press the Close Account button. After confirming that you will close your account, Spotify will notify you via email.

Complete the cancellation process by pressing the Close My Account button in the email.

Also Read: Spotify Account Guide: How to Delete Your Account and Cancel Premium Subscription

This article belongs to Tech Times

Written by Joseph Henry

ⓒ 2021 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

Build an HR strategy to retain talent when employees leave organizations Mon, 02 May 2022 07:52:25 +0000

As employees leave their current jobs, the tidal wave of the Great Resignation refuses to back down. Attrition rates across all sectors, particularly in the IT sector, have reached record levels in recent quarters.

The technological transformation accelerated by the global pandemic has spurred a demand for tech talent that continues to outstrip the supply. According to Gartner, the attrition rate has increased from 10% in 2020 to 20% in 2021, with some IT companies battling rates as high as 30%.

In times like these, HR managers around the world are scrambling to retain their top performing talent while constantly looking for replacements. Organizations around the world are losing their top talent to better paying, engaging and culturally appealing companies. Which begs the question: how can organizations build a resilient talent retention strategy to brave the big quit and win the talent war?

Begin retention upon recruitment

Most organizations fail to recognize that retention begins at recruitment, from the moment the application arrives until the employee is successfully onboarded. First, HR teams need to identify candidates who align with the organizational culture and are ready to stay the course. Second, the organization must create an exceptional onboarding experience for the candidates thus identified. According to one study, an effective onboarding process can improve talent retention by 82%. Integrating employees into the work culture, educating them about their responsibilities, and helping them make meaningful connections can provide them with a healthy onboarding experience.

Provide incentives, recognition and rewards

In a fiercely competitive talent market where recruiters are quick to poach top talent, organizations need to offer their employees more than just compensation and benefits. Financial incentives to stay, recognition for their efforts, and rewards for their results can be a competitive differentiator when it comes to talent retention. According to statistics, employees whose managers consistently recognize their work can reduce turnover by 31%. Incentives can take the form of bonuses, salary increases and health benefits. At the same time, performance awards, management recognition, corporate gifts, etc. can help employees feel recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Provide opportunities for personal and professional development

According to a survey, 70% of employees would leave their job for an organization that offers better learning and development. It is natural for employees to leave a job that does not provide opportunities for learning, career advancement and personal growth. By providing learning and development opportunities, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to employees’ long-term career paths. This can include training programs, graduate studies, personal mentorships, and leadership development, among others. As a result, employees will feel more valued and engaged and organizations can also benefit from their improved skills and improved productivity.

Cultivate a positive organizational culture

As employees spend almost half of their day at work, it is vital for them to have a positive and balanced workplace culture. A positive organizational culture can boost employee performance, productivity, engagement and even retention. Strong and accessible leadership that employees can trust, team collaboration, diversity and inclusion, strong ethical values ​​and behavior, and an active reward system can help organizations create a positive work culture. It can be a game-changer for retaining and attracting talent. Employees want to work in an organization with a balanced work culture and a strong employer brand.

Offer flexible work options

According to reports, 76% or more of workers experience some level of burnout in their jobs. Most HR managers agree that employee burnout is primarily responsible for employee turnover. At a time when employee satisfaction and engagement are at an all-time low and burnout is at an all-time high, organizations need to step in and address the situation. As more and more employees demand remote work options, healthy work-life balance, and condensed work weeks, organizations shouldn’t shy away from offering flexible work models. Flexible work options will only improve employee productivity, performance, satisfaction, well-being and retention.

The essential

As talent markets evolve and go global, talent retention is becoming a global phenomenon experienced by even the most successful organizations. Staff turnover is inevitable, but organizations that recognize the problem, examine why people are leaving, and prepare to put in the effort can come up with effective talent retention strategies. The years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult for organizations and employees. By providing employees with a healthy work culture, a fair compensation and reward system, trusted leadership, consistent recognition, learning and development opportunities, and flexible work options, organizations can reverse the talent attrition in favor of attraction and retention.

(Yogita Tulsiani is MD and Co-Founder, iXceed Solutions – a global technology recruitment provider)

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Published on: Monday 02 May 2022, 13:22 IST

I-15 exit ramps at Clinton Keith get contraflow driver prevention Fri, 29 Apr 2022 23:07:36 +0000

WILDOMAR, CA – In an effort to prevent mishaps from wrong-way drivers on Inland Empire freeways, Caltrans District 8 has identified priority exit ramps that require attention, and Clinton Keith Road at Interstate 15 in Wildomar is on the list.

On Tuesday, the north and south exits of Clinton Keith Road will be closed to I-15 so that Caltrans crews can install wrong-way prevention “enhancements,” according to the state agency.

Improvements to other exits across the state have included flashing LED signs and one-way pavement markings, as well as red reflectors that are only visible to cross-country drivers. sense. Surveillance systems that take pictures of oncoming drivers to quickly alert Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol have also been installed in some areas.

According to Caltrans District 8, the state agency is investing $1.3 in back-flow driving projects on Inland Empire freeway exits.

On Monday, the following Interstate 215 exits will also be closed for wrong-way prevention work: Nuevo Road, Ramona Expressway and Harley Knox Boulevard.

Crews will also be working Monday on other IE exits along I-215 and I-15, as well as along Interstate 10, State Route 60, State Route 91, Interstate 40 and State Route 210, but no other exit closures have been announced. .

During the ramp exit improvement work, signs will be posted to alert motorists of closures and/or upcoming work.

Oncoming incidents are far less common than other highway crashes, but they tend to be frontal, leaving people seriously injured or dead, according to California Highway Patrol data. Preliminary CHP data for 2021 shows that, statewide, 182 injury crashes were caused by oncoming drivers.

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Barcelona confirm talks with Rudiger’s agent but play down Chelsea defender’s free transfer Sun, 24 Apr 2022 23:11:29 +0000

Barcelona director of football Mateu Alemany has confirmed the club have held talks with Antonio Rudiger’s agent but denied discussing a move for the defender.

Rudiger will leave Chelsea this summer when his contract expires, with Thomas Tuchel confirming on Sunday that he is keen to leave.

Barca, Real Madrid and Manchester United are among the teams looking to sign the centre-back.

Are Barcelona trying to sign Rudiger?

Alemany played down the Catalan side’s chances of landing the German international, telling Movistar+“We had a meeting with his agent but we didn’t discuss this situation.

“Agents represent more than one player and that could be confusing.

“Also, it’s not our way to talk about contracted players, so we can’t help.”

He added: “Now is not the time to think about [next season]. We work in all positions and at the end of the whole season we will talk to the coach and make decisions based on the market.”

Who will sign Rudiger?

GOAL reported this week that Madrid are the main contenders to land the 29-year-old.

Madrid are already in advanced talks with their representatives, but United are still hoping to persuade him to stay in England by moving to Old Trafford.

Rudiger’s decision to head for the exit at Stamford Bridge was influenced by the uncertainty surrounding the club’s future.

Chelsea are being sold to a new owner after Roman Abramovich agreed to put the club up for sale after being sanctioned by the UK government.

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