Carmine’s, Virgil BBQ Owner Jeffrey Bank on keeping a restaurant alive

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Courtesy of Jeffrey Bank

Jeffrey Bank, CEO of Alicart

In this episode, Alicart CEO Jeffrey Bank, owner of restaurants including Carmine’s and Virgil’s Real Barbecue, talks about the hospitality industry’s struggle for survival. An incredibly tough year for city restaurants has gotten even tougher in recent weeks. Indoor dinner was shutdown Monday in New York City, just in time for a Wednesday snow storm. Now we talk about a potential Return to the rigid lockdown measures of the city of spring.

Meanwhile in places like Washington, DC where the bank owns Carmine is temporarily closed, a normally busy presidential inauguration season should be quiet as DC prepares for his own indoor dining suspension as the coronavirus continues to infect Americans at record levels.

Bank talks on the podcast about what it considers a government failure to help the struggling industry in the US, why it thinks restaurant workers should get the vaccine with priority, and when it expects business to start bouncing back.

“All you can do is react, there is no more planning … Times Square is a war zone, it needs its own Marshall Plan in and of itself,” he said. “All these 10 months seem like two steps forward, a kick in the head.”

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