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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of NHL Rumors! The Stanley Cup Playoffs are just around the corner. The same goes for the expansion project and free agency. The rumor mill will intensify as exit talks begin. Today’s NHL rumors center on the Buffalo Sabers, Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens.

NHL Rumors

Buffalo sabers

Rumor: Athletic’s John Vogl writes that there is so much disconnection between Jack Eichel and the Sabers, there’s a good chance the Sabers are looking for a new captain next season.

Analysis: Jack Eichel made headlines Monday in exit talks with the Buffalo Sabers, which fueled trade speculation to reclaim his future with the Sabers. Eichel said there has been a disconnect between him and the team since he was injured. We all know Eichel hasn’t been happy in Buffalo for quite some time. He is tired of losing and it is starting to wear down mentally. Buffalo thought they had a savior in Eichel when they drafted him second overall in 2015 behind Connor mcdavid. While Eichel looked good, the Sabers went through many front office and coaching changes that not only hurt the development of the team, but Jack as well.

Considering the Sabers haven’t made the playoffs in Eichel’s six seasons since joining the team, he’s almost gone. There is so much mistrust between the two sides that bringing him back will only make things worse inside the locker room. The bigger question is where is Eichel going? Obviously, the first runners are the New York Rangers. Rangers have expressed interest in Eichel since last season. Other potential landing points include Boston and Los Angeles. But it all begins and ends with New York.

Edmonton Oilers

Rumor: Elliotte Friedman on Saturday says free agent defender Adam larsson and the Edmonton Oilers are closing in on a new contract.

Analysis: Before the NHL trade deadline, Larsson and the Oilers began talks on a new contract for the defenseman, which has become his since being traded to Edmonton. Both sides felt they had made good progress on a new contract and agreed to hold conversations until the end of the season. The new deal is believed to be around four years old. As mentioned earlier, Larsson has become one of the Oilers’ staple parts at the back. Defense has been a concern for the Oilers for some time now. Although Larsson is criticized for his game, he has become one of the league’s most trusted defensive backs.

Larsson was praised for his attack coming from Sweden. And his situation in New Jersey has been mismanaged. However, now the Oilers have relied on Larsson this season to take on some of the best players in the opposition. Larsson currently earns $ 4.16 million. He will undoubtedly be looking for a raise. And even if his point production is not there, he is playing really well defensively. He spends an average of about 20 minutes per night. It will be interesting to see how much he receives from the Oilers. Larsson could have cashed in if he had entered the open market. The teams wanted his services.

Montreal Canadiens

Rumor: according to Pierre LeBrun of TSN, he says that if Marc Bergevin remains general manager of the Canadiens, LeBrun thinks of bringing back Dominque Ducharme.

Analysis: As we mentioned during Monday’s NHL Rumors, the Canadiens have a decision to make when it comes to general manager Marc Bergevin. The Canadiens are in the playoffs again this season, but it’s not like they’ve earned their spot. The Canadians retreated with an overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers. Dominque Ducharme has changed some things in Montreal since taking over from Claude julien. However, the only thing that goes against Ducharme is the shadow of other potential training candidates. Specifically, Patrick roy, if he decides to return to coaching.

During Ducharme’s reign as head coach he saw Brendan Gallagher and Carey Award come down to the injury. Both will be ready for the playoffs. But one thing is certain, the Canadiens were a different team under Ducharme despite the Canadians’ inconsistencies on the ice. Even though Ducharme got the Canadians through to the playoffs, the only way he can come back is for the Canadiens to pass the first round. It won’t be an easy task whether they play in Toronto or Edmonton. And even then, it may not be a lock. It’s all about winning in Montreal. And while Ducharme has done some good, he’s got the temporary tag for a reason.

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