Battle lines for electoral reform; Racism Reality vs Perception; Unexpected impacts of the pandemic

The Nation Speaks (April 24): Battle Lines for Electoral Reform; Racism Reality vs Perception; Unexpected impacts of the pandemic

Conservatives take on corporate activism

Georgia’s new electoral reforms aimed to address the long list of issues that plagued the 2020 election, especially those caused by the sudden surge in absentee votes.

The legislation immediately sparked protests from Democrats and then US businesses, calling it racist and an attempt to suppress voters. The most criticized provision is the provision requiring absent voters to include identification when casting their ballot.

After Major League Baseball made the dramatic decision to pull this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta, Republicans like the Senator Marsha blackburn reacts.

Senator Blackburn joins us in speaking about the bill she co-sponsored and which MLB of its antitrust protection. She also highlights the hypocrisy of the MLB by criticizing Georgia’s elected legislature while signing deals in China – where the Communist regime is committing genocide.

Conservative groups are also reacting. We talk to Free Enterprise Project deputy director Scott Shepard about his work with corporate CEOs and how they’re responding.

Racism: reality versus perception

On a related topic, we are joined by Professor Eric Kaufmann, Assistant Research Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Professor of Politics at the University of London. In one new report, he argues that the public has a misperception of the quantity racism actually exists in America today.

Sometimes unexpected changes in the pandemic

By shifting gears, we wanted to find out how professional life has evolved over the past year. Three guests from very different professions talk to us about the unexpected impacts of the pandemic on their professional lives: interventional radiologist Dr David Prologo; the owner of the academy of music William Pu; and Jenn Gavin, dog trainer and animal behavior consultant.

America Q&A

Then America Q&A asks the same question of people across the country: What has changed in your professional life over the past year? And we ask what Americans think about organized sports weighing on politics.

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