Bashwinger and Palow are just plain dangerous

For the publisher:
Dennis Palow and Randy Bashwinger are dangerous and unfit to perform their duties and I prove it here.

If you are concerned about the safety of your family, friends, and city employees, you should read this letter and consider the very solid documentation that I provide. So please come out and vote for Peggy Christman and Barb Kennedy to address the dangers I am documenting. Your vote for these ladies is essential for the safety of our community.

In 2018 and 2019, the majority of the Democratic city council acknowledged and documented that the operations of the Bern roads department were dangerous and that the results of the project were flawed. We have provided a reasonable, objective and independent evaluation of the operations of the road service in order to formulate recommendations aimed at improving the results and the safety of the project. These objective recommendations were to be provided by a consulting engineer and stamped by a professional engineer.

but supervisor [Sean] Lyons did not announce the RFP and therefore no estimate was received. Then, at the January 2020 regular meeting, Deputy Supervisor Palow brought forward a motion to derail this council-approved Highway Department safety initiative.

He put forward a motion that convinced his fellow GOP and GOP board members to cancel the security initiative, saying it would cost too much and he had obtained free advice from a professional organization. . None of these statements were true, as he later explained in his February lies.

First, he said the engineer’s assessment would cost the city “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” This is not true, and this and the other lie helped convince the GOP-backed majority to quash the initiative, depriving the public and employees of the benefits of the initiative. No estimate had even been requested and he had no basis for his claim.

Secondly, Mr Palow also claimed that he contacted the Cornell Local Roads Program and that organization provided a statement that there were no road service safety issues in Bern. Not surprisingly, no documentation of his correspondence with this organization or this statement could be produced.

Then the official recording of the January 2020 meeting mysteriously disappeared! Unbeknownst to Mr. Palow, the meeting was recorded by an affected resident.

Believing that there was no recording of his false statements at the January meeting, Mr Palow, incredibly, then denied making the false statements at the February meeting.

Would you seriously consider voting for a candidate who would lie to derail a board-approved public and worker safety initiative and then lie about those lies? Remember, months later we had another very serious incident in the highways department, this one fatal.

Listen carefully to posted recordings. First, Mr Palow’s rationale from January 2020 for derailing the council-approved security initiative:

“I don’t think we need to bring in an engineer and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to… to tell Randy how our roads should be. I mean, he’s got Cornell; I contacted Cornell and they told me there was nothing wrong with the safety of our roads.

Now listen to the other recording with the false statements Mr Palow made at the February 2020 meeting to distort his false statements from January. He clearly assumed there was no recording:

Palow: “Okay, last month, when this was brought up at the city council meeting, what I actually said was that we could bring Cornell in here to take a look at our roads to see if they are safe. And I said it could cost – probably cost – hundreds of thousands of dollars. I did not say –

Willsey: “That’s not what you said. “

Palow: “I didn’t say it would cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars, I said ‘probably’. “

Willsey: “There is no official recording of this meeting, but I have a recording -“

Palow: “May I finish? “

Willsey: “Well you should be telling the truth if you want to speak. “

If elected supervisor, Mr. Palow will be responsible for the safety of employees and residents of Bern, and he will be the chief financial officer. In my opinion, these audio clips make it clear that Mr. Palow cannot be entrusted with important decisions about public and employee safety or decisions about spending your tax dollars.

I believe the published PDF files solidly document the very negligent and dangerous operations of Mr. Bashwinger which continue to this day due to Mr. Palow’s dishonest motion. The safety standards imposed by vehicle and traffic laws were totally ignored during the very recent Bush Drive project.

View the attached PDF and the Company article. No signs, no drums, no flaggers, no safety measures in the work area! And a dangerous and flawed project resulted.

View the Bridge Road Incident PDF file also provided. The highway was not closed and a woman found herself at the bottom of an excavation. See the Company article.

Watch the Enterprise article documenting all security breaches at the highway garage (identified by state investigators after the death). Bashwinger and Palow are just plain dangerous.

So think about it: Mr Palow derailed a council-approved security initiative to protect Mr Bashwinger from scrutiny and allow his negligent and dangerous operations to continue. He could have told the truth and protected everyone from the well-documented dangers posed by Mr. Bashwinger.

Elect Peggy Christman and Barb Kennedy. They won’t fool you with blatant lies about security and spending. They will actually seek professional opinions instead of just lying about it.

If the City of Bern and safety are important to you, come out and vote for these ladies.

Joel willsey

Bern City Council

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