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Recently there has been a lot of talk on the internet about the Dodgers “buying a championship”. For all of its flaws, the logic behind emotions applies in a very important way. The salaries of Dodgers players are temporarily huge.

I think it is naive to complain about this. Somewhere in their minds is the Platonic ideal of the Championship roster. They probably have an inexpensive way to win the Commissioner’s Trophy by hiring 26 players from their own country and re-signing team contracts for players who have become free agents if necessary. Will make you believe.

Not everyone, this is the reality.

Let me present to you a list of places where the winners of the last five World Series have been ranked in terms of player salaries (all Baseball Outlook data):

Dodgers 2020: 1st place

2019 National Championships: 4th

Red Sox 2018: 1st place

Astros 2017: 18

Cubs 2016: 5th

Oh yes, let’s support the 2017 Houston Astros to win the championship in a pure way.

Before its creator disbanded the site last year. Baseball Gauge All franchises could be sorted by the “most house” team in history. In the draft era (1965-2019), Dodgers teams are ranked as follows:

1. 1986

2. 1984

3. 1970

4. 1976

5. 2019

To take it a step further, comparing the 2019 Dodgers NLDS playoff roster with the 2020 World Series roster:

2019: 15 of 26

2020: 13 of 27

For 2021, we have 12 local players who could make up the 26 Dodgers teams in the playoffs. Six outfitters (Smith, Bellinger, Beatty, Seger, McKinstry, Burns) and six pitchers (Buhler, Urias, Kershaw, Gonsolin, Janssen, Gonzales). The Dodgers didn’t become an expensive free agent team overnight. For some important reason, it looks like it.

For one thing, the Dodgers were one of the few teams to beat the bank in search of a free agent last winter. Most of the money went to Trevor Bauer. when Bauer was on leave (and ace home Dustin May injured his elbow at the end of the season) Dodgers finally get out of the organization Acquired Max Scherzer .. When the ace home Clayton Kershaw was slow to recover from an elbow pain, the Dodgers sign Cole Hamels. When their bench failed to produce at the start of the season, they acquired Albert Pujols.

These are all the names you’ve been hearing for a while now. I think it also stimulates the perception that the Dodgers are a store bought team. Ten years ago, it seemed difficult to understand the idea of ​​a team adopting Scherzer, Pujols, Hamels and Kershaw. Each player was at or near the top. now? Scherzer, Hamels and Pujols are Dodgers because their house talents have been injured or ineffective. They effectively round out the core of the defending champion’s roster.

Indeed, the Dodgers are as homemade as they were a year ago. If Gavin Lux came back healthy and productive, they were able to make a playoff list with 13 local players. If he was not injured the number would increase to 14. Edwin Rios, The season was lost in April due to a shoulder injury and you are up to 15 years old. Now you’re looking at the fifth most home-grown Dodgers squad equivalent in the draft era. The only thing preventing this is injury, and you can hardly fault the front office for using this resource on behalf of the injured player in your country.

If necessary, complain about the huge salary of the Dodgers. Set aside 5 minutes to celebrate the Astros virtues of 2017.

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