Anthony Davis injures groin, Suns beat Lakers in Game 4 to tie series – press enterprise

Los Angeles – Like the NBA season I can remember, this season was defined as not on the court as much as not on the court.

The Lakers missed the second half of Round 4 Sunday afternoon and lost to the Phoenix Suns 100-92, deciding the series: Anthony Davis.

The top seven of the first round were a 2-2 draw, but the momentum has clearly shifted to Phoenix. Sands has two potential home games since the fifth round on Tuesday, and star player Chris Paul has started. Looks healthy again (18 points, 9 assists). The Lakers injured two starters at star star Davis and goaltender Kentavious Caldwell Pope.

Some of his frustration was on LeBron James’ face when Sands got a double-digit advantage in the second half, and when his 36-year-old shoulder fell, James scored 25 points and 12 in that loss. Recorded a rebound. The other Lakers had no more than 12 points for Marc Gasol.

With the Lakers counting on him, Davis, an eight-time star at the age of 28, ran to the basket to create something from nothing, the last in the second quarter. It was a minute. However, Davis, who missed the line of sight, spilled onto the pitch, grabbed the base of his left foot, then cautiously stood up and dragged towards defense.

Davis spent the other half on his knees and slowly walked off the pitch with coach John Eyeshop by his side. Kyle Kuzma started in his place in the second half and the Lakers returned soon after. I announced that it would not come.

Davis missed 30 regular season games with a calf injury and suffered a sprained left knee in the third round and looked hesitant, especially on offense.) But as the Lakers struggled to compete at the at both ends, the gap he left widened further. In the second half, coach Frank Vogel teamed up with Kuzma, Markieff Morris and Montrezl Harrell, but everyone played above their respective positions as Sands took control at 27-15 in the third quarter. I couldn’t do it.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Lakers showed something similar to a life kick, with 4 minutes and 15 seconds left to cut the deficit to 10 with a lob from Marc Gasol to James. Gasol hit two three runs, approaching seven when James gave a free throw.

However, two errors closed the result: the turnover of Gasol and the rim error of the leader Dennis Schroeder. Sands’ nemesis Jae Crowder hit the back panel in the corner three points earlier. I later had a second chance in the follow-up possession, leading Phoenix by 10 points with 1 minute and 23 seconds to go.

It was particularly disappointing for the Lakers, given that James had shown good health in so many ways. In a series of possessions, James came to a halt in midair and had a 3-point backpass. Was passed to Ben McLemore, then played from start to finish and passed wide-eyed Cam Johnson. Dunk during the break.

The pinnacle was leaping high in the sky to catch and flash Alex Caruso’s rebounds. The Staples Center crowd flooded for 10 seconds, with Mikal Bridges shooting a 3-point shot and Sands taking a halftime lead in a 10-2 rally.

One of the factors that favored Sands was Paul’s recovery from a shoulder injury that had been limited since Game 1. After a basketball game in the third quarter, Paul shouted to the crowd, “I’m back! Sands led 18 points.

Deandre Ayton scored 14 points and 17 rebounds in the second-seeded Sands, taking advantage of Anthony Davis’ absence.

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Anthony Davis injures groin, Suns beat Lakers in Game 4 to tie series – press enterprise Anthony Davis injures groin, Suns beat Lakers in Game 4 to tie series – press enterprise

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