AEW star Alan Angels writes emotional post after coming out

Alan Angels is now a free agent as his contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) expired at the end of June. Thursday, the 24-year-old took to Twitter to send an emotional message to fans who supported him during his time in AEW.

“I am nothing but grateful for the two years I spent there,” Angels wrote. “I love AEW. It was/is the best place to work. I got to wrestle with some of the best wrestlers in the world every week, as well as travel to some of the most amazing cities and meet some of the best fans in the world. There’s no hard feelings between me and AEW or Tony Khan.”

The Angels continued, “I’m 24 and consider this the start of my wrestling career. Now I can show everyone how really good I am. I’m going to grind harder than ever before. I’m going to do as many cities as possible, meet as many fans as possible and fight as much as possible until I’m considered one of the best today.”

The angels recently spoke to Fighter and revealed that AEW officials told him they weren’t going to re-sign him about “a month and a half ago.” The company offered him a court appearance, which he didn’t want to do. The reason Angels didn’t take the appearance was a “personal thing.”

“I feel like I’m going to the Indies and showing people what I can really do and showing people I’m a fucking good wrestler, I feel like it will increase my stock – not to say it’s impossible to do this in AEW, but I guess the perception, how the fans perceive Alan Angels is that I’m the last one in Dark Order and I feel like I can change that outside of AEW,” Angels said per 411 Mania. “It’s possible in AEW, but I think it would take longer. Besides that, I never had a great independent career. I was in India for three years, I was lucky and I was recovered.” Angels, who hails from Atlanta, made his professional wrestling debut in 2016. While in AEW, Angels was part of the Dark Ordner and was designated the Five.

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