Aaron Judge free agency rumors pressure Dodgers to re-sign Trea Turner

Wondering where New York Yankees star Aaron Judge will sign this offseason? He will be by far the biggest name in the market, and his likely MVP season will only intensify the demand for his talents. Are the Los Angeles Dodgers a possibility? Who knows! They surprise us every year.

Nothing has been explicit enough on that front, however, while there has been a clear connection, as well as insider rumors, regarding Judge’s potential signing with the San Francisco Giants, the team for which he put down roots when he was growing up in Northern California.

It may not feel like it, but free agency is only about six weeks away. He is getting closer and closer. The judge probably won’t make a decision upfront, but the fact that the process is set to begin soon further underscores how the entire landscape of MLB and even the NL West division could change very soon.

It also coincides with more speculation that Judge will be a giant when all is said and done. ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel (subscription required) interviewed nine MLB executives who predicted Judge’s future.

Now, that’s not the end of everything. Most actually said he would stay with the Yankees (4). Two thought he’d land with the Giants, two said the Mets and one said “Giants or Dodgers.” So the Dodgers are here! But that’s… 2.5 votes for the Giants, just behind the incumbent Yankees, and 0.5 for LA.

How do the Aaron Judge-Giants rumors affect the Dodgers?

Fortunately, a big spender like the Yankees should stay out of the high-priced shortstop market, as that now puts a bit more pressure on the Dodgers to re-sign Trea Turner, who is also hitting the agency. free in November.

Or… was the pressure already there? Again, the Judge-Giants rumors are nothing new. In fact, you could say they peaked after the judge rejected the Yankees’ contract extension and the mini-soap took hold during the opening weeks of the regular season.

What could actually be a game-changer is the possibility that the Giants could go after Turner in free agency to succeed Brandon Crawford when his contract expires after 2023! why not judge and Turner?!

The increasing pressure on this front is also the result of timing. Everything is fast approaching. The playoffs are in a week. An early exit from the playoffs could cause the Dodgers’ front office to waver a bit, given the many other decisions (Cody Bellinger, Tyler Anderson, Andrew Heaney, etc.) that need to be made.

At this point, the hope is that the Dodgers have already planned for this doomsday scenario and have a move or series of moves to counter if it is totally out of their control.

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