A refreshing return to the conservative principles that won the last election

SIR – How refreshing to read Davis Frost’s clear reaffirmation of conservative values ​​(Comment, April 30). The government would do well to remember that it was elected on these seemingly long-forgotten values ​​only two and a half years ago.

Christopher Timbrell
Kington Langley, Wiltshire

SIR – Don’t many of us want the kind of honest, open and direct thinking in Lord Frost’s article on Saturday? The form of government he suggests would be far preferable to the dictatorial style that is imposed on us now.

If he could be persuaded to enter elected politics, he would get my vote and, perhaps, win back votes that the Conservatives will surely lose this week. We might even become more like the nation we should be.

Keyes Dawson
Alton, Hampshire

SIR – Last week I received an email from the Conservative Party to members proudly announcing: “We are creating a strong and independent football regulator.” One of the reasons given for such a plan was that “our Premier League has become the most watched sports league in the world”.

Football has exploded over the past two decades in all leagues due in part to foreign investment, but the Conservative Party wants to regulate it, as the email puts it, to “here in a new era of financial competence and sustainability”.

This policy is something I would have expected from a Corbyn-led Labor government, not from a party claiming to be free enterprise. At a time of threats of a new world war, record amounts of public debt and a dysfunctional NHS (and many other departments, such as the DVLA and the Passport Office), this party wants to spend money to introduce a regulatory scheme for one of our most successful entities and send a message to global investors that Britain is not a safe place to put their money.

I was very happy to read Lord Frost’s article in the Telegraph on Saturday: ‘Britain is overwhelmed by a rising tide of statism, entitlement and dependency’. He explains why “free societies cannot work like that”. Shouldn’t he be orchestrating the policies of the Conservative Party?

David Harper
Harleyford, Buckinghamshire

SIR – Lord Frost’s clarity of analysis and vision is one of the fewer and fewer reasons to vote for any party, let alone the Conservatives.

EU membership meant that a majority in Westminster no longer believed they had any power, as they resided in Brussels. This mindset has become corrosive and must be vigorously challenged.

Linda Hughes
Newton Abbot, Devon

SIR – Am I the only one who fervently wishes to see Lord Frost as our next Prime Minister, and as soon as possible?

Paul Logan
Gamblesby, Cumbria

Home support allowance

SIR – My wife has her own small business which she has worked tirelessly, to the point of exhaustion, to keep afloat for the past two years.

The taxes she pays, and those of millions of small businesses like hers, go towards the salaries of civil servants who now think it’s okay to continue working from home after using Covid as an excuse for the past two years. . My wife couldn’t do that.

Martin Boulanger
Tadworth, Surrey

SIR – Now that working from home is becoming the norm for some sections of the working population, I hope local councils will start charging these working households business rates.

Many freelancers use their home as a business premises, work from home and already have to pay additional costs.

Michael Walford
Aldeburgh, Suffolk

The challenges of local elections

SIR – The mild-mannered Tories in rural Oxfordshire switched allegiance to the Lib Dems last May, resulting in the election of a left-wing county council and prompting The Telegraph to ask: ‘Is it dumbest advice in Britain?”

The council is now embroiled in debates over vegan menus, ‘inclusive’ toilets and banning smoking outside. Repairing roads and sidewalks, rated residents’ number one priority in a recent Ipsos poll, isn’t even mentioned on the council’s list of priorities.

Is that what the soft conservatives voted for? I do not think so.

Those hesitant to Thursday’s local elections would be best served by focusing on local issues and not being distracted by national shenanigans in Westminster.

David Barthelemy
Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

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