1Kosmos Launches Passwordless Enterprise Suite for Biometric Platform

1Kosmos has developed a suite of frictionless authentication tools based on its private blockchain and advanced biometrics that it calls the Passwordless Identity Package (PIP) to provide businesses with a scalable and risk-free solution.

The new PIP solution includes a password-less QR code placed on the login page, giving users a choice, a biometric reset feature that uses live biometrics, device biometrics, push notification or a password. single-use password (OTP). Customers can also choose from flexible licensing options to accommodate as password-less adoption increases.

The company notes that in addition to research from Verizon showing more than four out of five data breaches are caused by compromised credentials, recent major attacks on SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, and the Colonial Pipeline all started with compromised credentials.

“Organizations recognize that password-based attacks are their greatest vulnerability, and they are under pressure to implement an effective password-less solution across multiple departments. PIP provides the flexibility organizations need to deploy quickly without a password, but in a controlled manner to meet different levels of authentication needs, ”comments Hemen Vimadalal, Founder and CEO of 1Kosmos. “The rapid implementation of PIP allows businesses to get up and running quickly – in seven days or less – for businesses to begin their journey to passwordless authentication. Users appreciate the fluid experience, and security teams have all the flexibility they need to make it easy to implement at a pace that suits them. “

Kosmos’ flagship digital identity platform, BlockID, powers the PIP solution. BlockID is the industry’s first solution certified to NIST 800-63-3, confirmed by Kantara just weeks ago, and FIDO2 protocol, according to the announcement, and combines strong authentication, proof of identity strong and advanced biometrics.

Customers can reduce their time and cost of passwordless implementation with PIP, according to 1Kosmos, with a cloud-based deployment that takes less than a week and options to enforce passwordless authentication in multiple target systems at once, like Windows and SSO.

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