10 electronic music festivals you must visit while you’re still a student

10 electronic music festivals you must visit while you’re still a student

There are more than enough music festivals around the world to keep us busy year round. You can jump from one to the other, from smooth jazz to euphoric trance, until you find your strong point. And if you’re a student, there’s no better time to check them off your bucket list.

So, without wasting any more time, here’s a list of the best music festivals you shouldn’t miss while you’re still a student.

1. Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium

This one does not need an introduction at all. After all, Tomorrowland is considered one of the most popular electronic dance music festivals in the world. This event has been around since 2005 and attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year. In fact, tickets for this festival sold out quite quickly.

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Image Credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)

2. Fuji Rock, Naeba, Japan

If you want to integrate into a music festival while visiting an Asian country, then Japan is an obvious choice. Fuji Rock is the largest outdoor music concert in Japan. Originally, it stood at the foot of Mount Fuji amidst stunning natural scenery. And with that in mind, the trip to the festival grounds is another exciting addition to the trip. You will need to take a 5.5 km gondola to enjoy the stunning views surrounding the location.

3. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California, United States

Coachella has become almost synonymous with the ultimate student destination. The festival has been taking place in the Colorado Desert since 1999. And today it has evolved into one of the most instagrammable events. However, it is not only coveted by the public but also by the singers.

In fact, Coachella is considered to be an event that sets the fashion and music trends for the coming year. So it goes without saying that we recommend this festival as a must-see on your list.

4. CTM Festival, Berlin, Germany

If you are as intrigued by the music as you are by the atmosphere, a little trip to Berlin at the start of the year might do you good. The CTM festival is a platform for electronic, digital and experimental musicians, where you will find almost every club hosting concerts, screenings, exhibitions, etc. The lineup often includes international artists and singers like Holly Herndon, Jenny Hval and many more.

5. Governors’ Ball, New York City, United States

Despite its name, the Governors Ball is not even remotely linked to a political event. Instead, it’s one of the country’s famous music festivals that takes place on the tiny island of Randall. This is possibly the smallest event on this list. However, he often has some of the biggest names in pop culture in the lineup. We also suggest this as an easier alternative to touring Europe. Enjoy the skyline of one of the busiest cities in the world.

6. Exit, Novi Sad, Serbia

When you think of world famous destinations for music festivals, Serbia might not be the one that comes to mind. But the festival held at the Petrovaradin Fortress continues to be one of the most famous in Europe. It is not common knowledge that this event started as a student movement for peace and democracy in Serbia.

If you are a student who supports social causes then you will find Exit even more appealing. The festival is still run by a non-profit organization and often has an impressive lineup.

EXIT party

Image credit: EXIT Photo Tema (via Flickr)

7. Cartagena International Music Festival, Colombia

Another interesting place for a music festival is Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a stunning colonial walled city. The event has over forty concerts that take place over nine days. You will see the city opening up its squares, its barrios and even its churches to welcome musicians from all over the world.

Every year a new theme is introduced, so you won’t get bored. However, note that these often tend to be on the classic side, but you’ll also have plenty of exhibits and installations to check out.

8. Ultra Music Festival, Miami, United States

If you like a good party hosted by DJs, head to Miami for Ultra. It’s one of the most famous party destinations of the year, and the fact that it takes place in downtown Miami is a plus. And if you’re in the United States, it’s worth adjusting to your busy schedule. That being said, getting the tickets can be more difficult than you might imagine as the popularity of the event grows every day.

9. Glastonbury, Pilton, England

This one is the favorite of the British crowd. Started in the 1970s, the Glastonbury Festival sold tickets for just £ 1, which even included free milk from a nearby farm as a snack. Yet today you’ll have to spend twenty times as much to get your hands on the ticket, and that too, if you’re lucky enough to find a seat before it runs out. The festival area is usually a farm, and you will be assured of the ambiance of a country music festival.

10. Envision, Rancho La Merced, Costa Rica

Why not combine a trip to Costa Rica with a haunting caucus music festival? The setting is undoubtedly the main attraction here, and the programming is often multi-genre. The event is also notable for its commitment to sustainability.

So here you have a diverse list of music festivals across the world – some are obvious and others you may be meeting for the first time. As much as you want to attend all of them, you may want to compromise depending on your musical preferences and budget.

Image credit: EXIT Photo Team (via Flickr)

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